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Is Toni Braxton Too Sophisticated to Do Trap Music and Date a Rapper Like Birdman?

Wendy Williams had a few things to say about Toni Braxton during the Hot Topics segment of her namesake show on Wednesday Jan. 17. The talk-show host dished on Braxton’s recent music and relationship status. With the rumors of Braxton dating rapper Birdman and putting out new music with him, Williams says, “Toni allegedly is trying to be a Trap Queen”. Adding that fans think the “Un-Break My Heart” singer is too old to be doing trap music, “People say she is too legendary, and too grown to do this form of music”.

Williams also made it known that she is no fan of Braxton at 50 dating the rapper and head honcho of Cash Money music label. Wondering why she isn’t dating “Mr. Hedge fund.”

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