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Trevor Noah Has Priceless Reaction to Trump’s Checkup: ‘Did You Check for Racism?’

Trump’s health report was released Tuesday evening and Trevor Noah decided to poke fun at the President’s excellent health.

“No heart problems, no dementia, no dentures, but did you test for racism?”, he asked in a joking manner.

White House physician, Dr. Ronny L. Jackson noted that Trump was in great condition physically and mentally. Jackson also added that “genetics” is the reason Trump is in great shape and if his diet was healthier, he might live to be “200 years old.”

Noah’s reaction was hilarious, “My God!” Noah exclaimed. “If you think Trump’s racist at 71, imagine how racist he’ll be when he’s 200”, he added.

Although Trump’s annual examination suggests that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Commander In Chief, The Daily Show host still has questions.

“It turns out, according to the official White House doctor, Trump is completely sane. Which makes me more worried, because that means he’s doing all of this shit on purpose? You ‘covfefe’ in your normal mind?” Noah continued, “Like, how is this possible?!”

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