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Indiana Teen Caught on Video Yelling ‘F-ck N—–s’ Into Bullhorn Says He’s ‘Deeply Ashamed’

An Indiana teen is offering his deepest apologies after video of him shouting racial slurs into a bullhorn while wearing a Nazi flag went viral on social media.

Noblesville High School student Mat Blood, 17, said what started as a dare between friends quickly got out of hand. The short video clip showed the teen repeatedly chanting “f-ck n—–s” into a megaphone. Meanwhile, a large flag featuring Nazi imagery was draped over his shoulders.

“I’m sincerely ashamed,” he told local station WKBW. “I wish I wouldn’t have done it.”

The teen said he’s since lost his job over the incident and is afraid the same may happen to his parents. Blood insisted he’s not a Neo-nazi and admitted he did not think twice before agreeing to the racist dare. Now, his dreams of enlisting in the U.S. Army are out the window.

“I planned to join the Army, but that’s probably not gonna happen now,” he told the news station. “I am sorry for all the people I’ve offended. I am ashamed of myself. There is no question about it. My family’s ashamed of me.”

In a statement, Blood’s school said it’s currently investigating the incident and does not tolerate the “ugly” and hateful rhetoric spewed by the teen in the video.

“We don’t condone this type of behavior and are passionate about creating an environment where all our students and staff feel respected,” Noblesville High School administrators said. “We are addressing this issue with the students in question.”

There’s no word on if Blood will be disciplined.

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