Angela Rye Brilliantly Takes Down Yet Another Conservative Touting Trump’s Achievements In the Black Community

CNN host Brooke Baldwin did not hesitate to fact-check a Trump campaign adviser who insisted racial minorities were in full support of the Trump White House on account of all the president has done for them thus far.

“You do not have to be in a meeting with this man to hear some of the comments he has made: the Pocahontas reference, his comments after Charlottesville, and the Central Park Five,” Baldwin said amid discussion over whether Trump is a racist. “What am I missing?? … Is that not a fair question to be asking, based on what the president said very publicly?”

That’s when former Trump campaign economics adviser Stephen Moore chimed in with his two cents on the matter.

“Brooke, I think what you are missing and a lot your colleagues at CNN are missing, you have to look at this guy’s record when it comes to civil rights — not necessarily what he’s said or is alleged to have said,” Moore answered. “Brooke, if this man is a racist, why is it that his approval rating, among Blacks, has increased while he has been president? It’s because of his record, not what he says.”

Despite some pushback from Baldwin and fellow commentator Angela Rye, Moore insisted Trump’s standing with Black Americans has improved because of what he’s done for them.

“I talk to people all the time, when I am on the street I talk to people, on the job I talk to people, when I talk to African-Americans and also Hispanics, a lot of times they don’t like his language, but sure like what he’s doing for the economy,” he said. “That’s the reason I bet you when he runs for re-election, he get a higher rate of Black and Hispanic vote than he did in 2016, because he’ll be running on his record.”

Watch the heated exchange above.

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