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New Season of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Triggers Renewed Discussion on How to Coexist with Trump Supporters

America’s Next Top Model,” is known for well, modeling, but one point of contention might take over the race to the top. A Donald Trump supporter emerged and she’s sure to ruffle some feathers.

Last week saw 21-year-old Liberty Netuschil of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, walk into auditions. And while many judges on the panel simply saw a pretty blonde woman, whose town only had two Black people in it during her childhood, Tyra Banks saw more and passed her along to the next round.

But Netuschil has more than just looks. She’s also unafraid to speak out about her support for Trump, who has detractors far and wide due to his racist rhetoric — including a recent remark about Haiti and African countries.

“I am actually pro Trump,” Netuschil says. “Because of his empire, I believe that he is really going to bring in some career opportunities for us and hopefully bring up our economy a little bit.”

Cut to another contestant named Chrissy — who along with other Black competitors is not supportive of POTUS — and she says Netuschil can forge her own path.

“I know your parents, they might be racist and they might be Trump supporters,” she says. “But you don’t have to follow that cycle. You can get out of there, OK?”

However, the hopeful models are going to have to figure out how they can coexist — political differences and all — as they’re in for months of competition. The same can be said for other workplaces outside of the “Top Model” house as Trump begins his second year of presidency.

“Political differences in the workplace, among friends and in your home should be handled with care because all three areas are critical to our everyday existence, and depend upon maintaining relationships with people,” Dr. Dorian Brown Crosby, Spelman College assistant professor of political science,  told Atlanta Black Star. “To avoid tampering with those relationships — some of which may be fragile for various reasons — opposing political opinions should be respected as long as they do not cross the line into hatred, violence, or discrimination.”

“When colleagues, friends or relatives hold different political perspectives, it may be a challenge to engage in lengthy conversations, conduct business, or enjoy the holidays, but we can all be civil toward each other,” she added.

Yet that’s easier said than done and if “Top Model” history is any indication — from fainting spells to flesh-eating bacteria — things can get crazy.

For times when feelings can get tense, Crosby recommends meditation, prayer or whatever can remind people to stay positive. Then again, if things go so far left that violence can occur, Crosby recommends disengaging from any political talk with the opposition entirely.

“As long as people are able to think for themselves, there will be differences of opinions,” she adds of whether political differences and their ensuing debates will ever become obsolete. “In this technological, information age where all sorts of news feeds, opinions, conversations, images and reflections on the news, social media conversations and images are created so rapidly, people will always disagree on something. Politics is no different.”

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