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Fox News’ Guest Gets Dragged After Suggesting a Black Woman Should ‘Walk a Mile’ In a White Woman’s Shoes

Chadwick Moore

Fox News host Tucker Carlson (left) and gay conservative journalist Chadwick Moore (right) discussed websites reportedly taking aim at white people. (Video screenshot)


A guest on the Fox News Network sent social media into tizzy this week when he tried to downplay a Black woman’s less-than-pleasant experience by suggesting she trade places with a white woman for a day.

During an appearance on host Tucker Carlson’s show Wednesday, Jan. 3, gay conservative commentator Chadwick Moore discussed his issues with people he said “wanna see racism everywhere,” and who “obsess over victim-hood so much.” To drive home his point, Moore provided a brief anecdote about a recent conversation he’d had with a young Black woman.

” … She was talking about how badly she gets treated on the street here in New York,” he explained. “And I said to her, ‘what if you lived for one day as a white woman and you were treated the exact same way, and people were just as rude to you? What then?’ ”

Twitter promptly clapped back, blasting Moore for his ignorance and tone-deaf response.

Despite the backlash, Moore doubled down on his comments, reiterating that all bad experiences can be chalked up to racism or discrimination.

“Yeah. I’m a gay. And when I was younger I said the exact same thing,” he tweeted. “Someone’s mean to me? Homophobia! Every time I had failures, it was someone else’s fault. Then I woke up a realized that life is just hard.”

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