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Dallas Police Officer Pulls Over Erykah Badu Just to Say Hi

With multiple deaths resulting from police brutality, getting pulled over can be terrifying and leave one on edge. When Dallas Officers pulled over neo-soul singer Erykah Badu on New Year’s Eve, she was taken by surprise according to Page Six.

Ms. Badu posted a video on Instagram with the caption, “WTF BABYLON!! HAPPY NEW YEAERZZZ!” She explains in the video that she was just stopped by the cops on New Year’s Eve and then pans the camera toward the two officers. “And why are you pulling me over,” she asked both cops. One of the officers replied, “Because I wanted to say hi!”

Some thought the officer’s admiration for Badu was winsome, while others thought the cops were abusing their authority.

One thing everyone can agree on, Erykah has some sort of special effect on men!

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