Have You Heard: Top 5 Stories You Missed While You Were Sleeping


  1. Papa Johns founder John Schnatter known recently for blaming his fallen sales to football protests is stepping down. Former COO Steve Ritchie will take over as CEO. (Source: ABS)
  2. Tennessee House Republicans are calling for an investigation after Memphis leaders removed Confederate statues.  The Republicans accuse city leaders of selling the two public parks to get around state law.
  3. Harvey Weinstein may not be charged with sexual assault in L.A. Detectives from LAPD’s Sexual Assault Section site lack of evidence as the reason. (Source: ABS)
  4. Miss America pageant CEO, Sam Haskell allegedly has a pattern of degrading contestants. Haskell’s emails show him being misogynistic and demeaning. Several former contestants have called for the removal of Haskell as CEO. (Source: ABS)
  5. Lebron James took the time to find candy for his daughter in the middle of a Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Chicago Bulls. He asked several staff members for help before eventually finding the treat. (Source: ABS)
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