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Charles Barkley Is Giving Black Ala. Women $1M for IT Start-Ups ‘Not Hair Salons’


Charles Barkley announced he would donate $1 million to Black women in Alabama Thursday night, but not before telling them how they could invest the funds. Barkley made the announcement after noting how Black women came out in droves to elect Doug Jones as the first Alabama Democrat to the Senate in more than 25 years.

“I’m pledging $1 million to Black women in Alabama to do start-ups,” he says Thursday, Dec. 14 on TNT’s “NBA Tip-Off.” “That do [sic] not mean hair salons and restaurants, Black women. That means start-ups.”

While Shaquille O’Neal began cracking up, co-panelist Kenny Smith questioned why Barkley made an “under-handed, backhand joke.”

“We’re not gon’ do a weave shop,” the Alabama native continues, “We’re going to do IT. IT. That doesn’t mean ‘it’ either.”

Smith finally told Barkley to “leave it alone” as the Auburn University alum continued to take digs at Black women.

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As it turns out, many women (and some men) sided with Smith more than Barkley when it came to his so-called joke.

Others praised the Hall of Famer’s donation.

And some didn’t think what he said was an issue.

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