In Rousing Anti-Moore Plea, Charles Barkley Urges Alabama to Show America ‘We’re Not a Bunch of Damn Idiots’



With just 12 hours to go before thousands of Alabamians headed to the polls, Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones made his last-minute pitch to voters with the help of a little celebrity star-power.

Home-state hero and retired NBA great Charles Barkley graced the stage at Jones’ election-eve campaign rally Monday night, urging the crowd of supporters to rebuff the candidacy of Republican candidate Roy Moore. So far, at least nine women have come forward to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct and child molestation. The 70-year-old has vehemently denied all allegations.

“At some point, we gotta stop looking like idiots to the nation,” said Barkely, who grew up just outside Birmingham and played basketball at Auburn University. “I love Alabama, but at some point we have got to draw a line in the sand and show we’re not a bunch of damn idiots.”

The NBA Hall of Famer has been known for his moderate political leanings, backing Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich in the 2016 presidential election. However, the idea of a man accused of groping teen girls when he was well into his 30’s taking a spot in the Senate is just all wrong.

“If somebody told you guys, ‘Put this election in a movie script’ … you would throw it in the trash,” he added. “You’d say there’s no way possible this other dude could be leading in any polls.”

All eyes will be on the Yellowhammer State, as election day kicks off Tuesday, Dec. 12.

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