Mugabe’s Son Has a New Venture — A High Priced Clothing Line

Mugabe's Son

Robert Mugabe Jr., (right) and his brother Chatunga also launched an entertainment company called TripLife. (Image courtesy of New

The son of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe is trying his hand in the fashion industry.

Robert Mugabe, Jr. recently launched his own clothing line dubbed “xGx,” which the 25-year-old said he hopes “will be competitive on the international scene,” News 24 reported. The arrival of the new label comes just weeks after his father was pushed from power on Nov. 21.

The apparels will cost you a pretty penny, however. The line currently sells men’s and women’ T-shirts, priced at $300 and $250 respectively, according to The Zimbabwe Daily News. The exorbitant pricing comes as no surprise though, as Mugabe and his family are known for their lavish, expensive taste in fashion.

“God bless the hustle #prosperity … magnificent dreams, keep it 100 percent. Meditate,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “#xGX #Godwork.”

The clothing line is the latest venture for the younger Mugabe, as he and his brother, Chutunga, have also launched a promotions company called TripLife. The duo is known for their wild partying.

“For several weeks and without knowledge of the impending military takeover, Robert Jr., and Chatunga have been meticulously planning the lavish for their entertainment company,” South African newspaper The Citizen confirmed. “The company focuses on event promotion, club launches and bringing international and local artists to Zimbabwe and South Africa.”

As for the new clothing business, the young men have been sporting their expensive threads on social media, where they both have large followings.

Would you shell out $300 for one of their tees?


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