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‘Complexion’ Blackeyed Pea Falafel Cakes with Spicy Tahini Sauce Recipe

Vegan Blackeyed Pea Falafel Cakes

Vegan Blackeyed Pea Falafel Cakes by Food Fidelity

Vegan Blackeyed Pea Falafel Cakes

This Black-eyed Pea Falafel is a soul food twist on a traditional Arab falafel dish. Falafels are essentially fried vegan chickpea fritters shaped in the form of balls and often served with tahini sauce. This recipe replaces chickpeas with the soul food staple black-eyed peas. The blackeyed peas are ground into a paste mixture with fresh herbs and smokey paprika and then fried in peanut oil. Instead of balls, these fritters are shaped into cakes more in the style of hot water cornbread another Southern staple. Lastly, to get more bold flavor and to elevate the dish further a homemade tahini sauce infused with chipotle chili sauce and lime juice is used as a condiment/dipping sauce.

Find the full recipe for this delicious dish at Food Fidelity. Meet the Blogger below!

Black food blogger

My name is Marwin Brown, I’m a Texas based father, husband, recipe developer, blogger, and flavor fanatic. I make dope food inspired by dope music. I was raised by a traditional soul food cooking grandmother and clean eating grandfather. I spent a great deal of my early adult life in Europe and Asia exploring international flavors, techniques, and traditions and I’ve worked years on the inside for food companies Kraft and Quaker Foods. These influences combine to define my cooking style which I describe as ‘modern soul food’ i.e. smart, open, genuine and tasty food that reflects modern lifestyles and diets, yet culturally grounded in African culinary traditions. Soul food is remixed, reinterpreted, and reimagined with a contemporary spin. I’m not vegan but I veg a lot, so you will see many plant-based and non-dairy options on my blog. At heart, I’m a Southern boy living out Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” fantasies on a budget so different global elements make appearances in my food. My view is food is a tool to help me live my best life and my blog is meant to be a vessel to help others achieve theirs.

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