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Chocolate Pots De Crème Recipe with a Vegan Option!

Chocolate Pots-du-Creme recipe

Chocolate Post De Creme by The Blenderist

Chocolate Pots De Crème 

This easy-to-make dessert gets rave reviews from readers. Most of the work is done by your blender, so you won’t end up with a pile of dishes to clean after you are done. The key here is to buy the best quality dark chocolate you can afford. The portions are small, but the flavor is big! I like to add cardamom to mine for a hint of spice, but you can add any spice or extract to your taste. I’ve included a really easy vegan variation that is just as good as the original, so this recipe can be enjoyed by almost everyone!

Find the full recipe for this delicious dish at The Blenderist. Meet the Blogger below!

Black food blogger

Jasmine of The Blenderist

Jasmine Lukuku is a Zambian-Canadian actor and blogger based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has an insatiable love of specialty foods such as pastries, chocolate, and wine. She has two certificates in chocolate making and is currently pursuing formal wine education. She also has a natural gift for baking. In 2017, she founded the Black Food Bloggers Club to help amplify the voices of creators in the community.

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