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‘Being Mary Jane’ Cancellation Sparks Discussion About It Being Picked Up by Another Network

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“Being Mary Jane” will not get a fifth season, but a TV movie will serve as the series finale. (BET)

While fans continue to mourn the ending of “Being Mary Jane,” some aren’t giving up hope that it could continue elsewhere. Despite the series’ declining ratings in its final season, some want to see it on Netflix, TV One or OWN.

BET announced Wednesday, Oct. 12 that the recently ended fourth season would be its last. Connie Orlando, EVP and Head of Programming at BET, described the Gabrielle Union-led show as a “landmark series” but that isn’t enough to make it continue. TVLine reported the show suffered a sharp decline in ratings this season, with just 860,000 eyes on first-run episodes. During season three, 1.64 million viewers tuned in.

Instead of a fifth season, a two-hour TV movie, which will air next year, will serve as the series finale,” according to Deadline. However, some fans don’t think that’s enough.

Now, they’re hoping the show can live on on a new network. When WGN declined to renew “Underground,” fans hoped the John Legend-produced series would get picked up by OWN. But that wasn’t meant to be.

being mary jane

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Several others couldn’t handle losing Mary Jane Paul from their Tuesday nights.

However, at least a couple of folks person saw the cancellation coming. Last year, Union made headlines for taking BET to court over contractual issues.

being mary jane

And another was ready to say goodbye.

being mary jane

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