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St. Louis Residents On 19th Day Of Protest Draw Heat Over Shutting Down Interstate

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A judge found former officer Jason Stockley not guilty of killing Anthony

The people of St. Louis continue to make their displeasure over the Jason Stockley verdict known by shutting down a local highway Tuesday, Oct. 2. And folks are fired up over the inconvenience. Since a judge found former officer Stockley not guilty of the 2011 shooting and killing of Anthony Lamar Smith last month, protestors have been crying out against the decision.


Chants of “Who shut it down? We shut it down!” and “We don’t get no peace cause of y’all, y’all don’t get no peace cause of me” were heard throughout the peaceful protest.

However, many have voiced irritation over the blocked off interstate, also known as Highway 40.

Several called for vehicles to run over demonstrators.

Despite the quiet rally, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department arrived on the scene and began to kettle participants and journalists alike. The officers did not use pepper spray, according to St. Louis Public Radio, however, they were dressed in riot gear.

Sgt. Brian Rossomanno told protesters who asked to leave that no order of dismissal was given, The St. Louis Dispatch reported. He told them they were under arrest for entering the interstate and in total, cops arrested 143 protesters.

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