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Chuck D Goes In On Public Enemy Co-Founder Flavor Flav (In a Brotherly Way) After Lawsuit

Flavor Flav named his Public Enemy co-founder Chuck D in a lawsuit, but D doesn’t seem too worried. (Jeff Kravitz/ FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Chuck D isn’t just sitting down and taking Flavor Flav’s lawsuit against him and their fellow Public Enemy members.

“Flav has his rights, but took a wrong road on this,” Chuck D told TMZ of the filings made public Wednesday, Aug. 30 where Flav alleged Chuck D, real name William J. Drayton, and the group’s production and management team “have for years attempted to minimize his role in the Public Enemy business, while continuing to rely upon Drayton’s fame and persona to market the brand.”

The lawsuit, obtained by Billboard, also claims that despite Flav having written 50 tracks for PE, he hasn’t regularly received songwriting royalties for years.

However, the charge, which Chuck D claimed on Twitter was the fault of Flav’s new management team, doesn’t mean Chuck is doing away with Flav forever.

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“We will be [together] on a future stage,” he told TMZ Thursday, Aug. 31, before saying he thinks Flav, “will again be embarrassed admitting onstage about the way it spun out. It’s always this way with him.”

The socially conscious rapper also said he’d be willing to address Flav’s concerns down the road. This was despite his Twitter rant where he claimed his group member is “ungrateful.”


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