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Kenan Thompson Is About to Become SNL’s Longest-Running Cast Member

Kenan Thompson began working on “Saturday Night Live” in 2003. (Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

Kenan Thompson’s long tenure at “Saturday Night Live” is about to become a record for the comedian and the sketch comedy show.


After 14 years on a cast that many comedians only dream of joining, Thompson is set to break his tie with former SNL star Darrell Hammond for the longest-running cast member as the program enters its 43rd season.

Despite the epic show, Thompson didn’t intentionally set out to hold such a title.

“I guess I’m indirectly making sure [I break the tie],” Thompson told CBS News Friday, Aug. 25. “Supposedly, I’ll break it once we start the season, so I don’t have any control over it. It’s insane to think about. But Darrell will always be the king, doing voiceovers. It’ll always be his show. I love Darrell.”

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Thompson got his start in sketch comedy in 1994 when he became one of the original cast members on Nickelodeon’s “All That.” He then scored his own series on the kids network with fellow “All That” cast member Kel Mitchell, aptly titled “Kenan & Kel.” Yet, during his time on “All That,” many of the kids dreamed about making it big on SNL.

“Yeah, we used to say that, but no one thought it would happen,” Thompson said. “It’s just amazing to get the chance to audition because I tried and tried to move on [to] it, but they said I looked too young. But, finally, I got to try out, and I never walked away from the job.

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