Life Lessons From Kenan and Kel (Throwback Thursday)

In the glorious world of 1990s Nickelodeon, one bromance reigned supreme. Real-life friends and All That cast members Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell entertained us relentlessly from 1996-2000 with their slapstick and banter on Kenan and Kel. The rational, scheming Kenan was the perfect straight man to the goofy, clumsy Kel and his constant bottle of orange soda.

Yet, it wasn’t all laughs. Kenan and Kel taught us about love, laughter, friendship, and a million ways to knock over canned goods at a grocery store.

Recent reports indicate Kenan and Kel have since fallen out. After the show, Kenan went on to Saturday Night Live and Kel to voice a part in Clifford the Big Red Dog. In a recent interview with TMZ, Kel claimed Kenan wants “nothing to do with him” and has doubts the two will work together again.

But, we can hold out hope for a reconciliation. Perhaps once Kenan’s SNL days are behind him, he will come back down to Earth and realize he’s nothing without Kel. For today’s throwback Thursday, here are some life lessons we learned from Kenan and Kel:

1. The best way to plug a water leak is with your friend’s mama’s lace curtains.

2. Protecting your house is best done with a frying pan.

3. Cake baking is not for the faint of heart. Also, icing does not go inside the cake.

4. It is possible to maintain a love affair with soda.

5. The best cleaning device is a straw.

6. Halloween parties should always include dance-offs.

7. Coolio writes the best theme songs ever.


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