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Pot-Smoking White Moms Draw the Ire of Black Twitter Over Double Standard

A wave of backlash pointing out the disparity between Black Americans being arrested for using marijuana while a group of California mothers is celebrated has caused one woman to fight back.

The middle-aged suburban mothers told the “Today Show” Tuesday, Aug. 1 that health issues like migraines and depression are the reason they turned to weed and it has allowed them to be more productive. They said they made sure their children don’t come in contact with their stash, which it is legal to consume recreationally in California, yet many are calling out the group for being able to freely smoke while The New York Times reported in 2010 that Black Americans are four times more likely to be arrested for possession.

As a result, one mother by the name of K. Sterling who says she’s part of the group has gone on the defensive.

Other criticisms were just as fierce.

Several people recalled how weed was connected to last year’s killing of Philando Castile, when a Minnesota cop shot the school cafeteria worker after he reached for his license and gun registration. Officer Jeronimo Yanez’s attorney argued in closing arguments that the shooting was reasonable and claimed Castile had been smoking and was high when Yanez stopped him for a broken brake light.

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