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LaVar Ball Pulling AAU Team Off Floor Over ‘Bad’ Call Earns Immediate Scorn from Disgusted Twitter Users

LaVar Ball forfeited an AAU tournament over the weekend when he removed his Big Ballers team from the court after he disagreed with the referee’s technical foul called against the players.

During the Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament Saturday, July 22, the outspoken basketball dad was caught on camera vehemently disagreeing with an official’s call in the game where the Ballers were up 69-60 over the Clutch Players Navy, according to USA TODAY.

“That’s not a foul, that’s not a foul!” says Ball, whose son, LaMelo Ball, is on the team.

LaVar Ball waves the players off the court, ditching the game in the second half and in another video, Ball tells his team of players outside the Anaheim, Calif., arena that the officiating was one-sided.

“Y’all playing y’all goddamn hearts out there and [they’re] calling all that bulls—,” he says. “All they’re doing is cheating [and] I ain’t gon’ have that s—.”

Online, some sided with LaVar Ball but people overwhelmingly criticized him for seeming to teach the boys that quitting is acceptable.

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