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Queen Latifah Criticizes New Generation of Rappers for Ignoring Important Issues

Queen Latifah kept it 100 on the state of the rap game during a recent interview on New York’s Hot 97 morning show, “Ebro In The Morning.” The “U.N.I.T.Y.” rapper called out contemporary rap for not addressing the serious issues currently affecting society like her generation did.

“They got soft. Like, when things are going on in the world, like Donald Trump or elections, this was the stuff we chewed on,” she says. “Or how [many] … people addicted to heroin … Where’s the flip side to Molly Percocet? Well, the flip-side is that you’re missing out on life, you sleep, you crash your car.

“I’m not judging either way. I’m just saying it’s always good to have both those sides.”

Some current rappers may not agree with Latifah’s opinion, considering how the newer rappers have received recent flack from older artist for their use of “mumble rap.”

While reminiscing about her rap career to now film career, she did note that she believes “hip hop is back.” She also praised a few of her favorite female rappers, including Remy Ma, Cardi B and Lil Kim, who she shared the Hot 97 Summer Jam stage with earlier this summer.

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