Sammie’s ‘Take Accountability’ Post to Single Moms Causes a Stir, But Many Think He Has a Point

Sammie rose to fame at age 12 with his hit single, “I Like It.” (@sammiealways/Instagram)

R&B singer Sammie likely didn’t get the response he expected when he slammed the “trend” of single motherhood.

The “I Like It” singer posted a call to action on Instagram Sunday, July 16, telling men and women to “take accountability” when it comes to having children.

Men & Women (take accountability). #SA

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The post drew heavy criticism …

… which led the 30-year-old to clarify his statements in a follow-up video the same day.

“Women that are raising children on their own or a child on their own I know more than likely didn’t go into that situation thinking you’ll be by yourself,” Sammie says. “So when I say take accountability, let me say, ‘Be preventative.’ There’s condoms, birth control, there’s Plan B, there’s the spirit of discernment, there’s intuition, there’s research you can do on the man you’re sleeping with. Is he a good son? Is he a good uncle? Is he a good brother? Is he family oriented?

“Fellas, step up to the f—— plate,” he adds. “It goes both ways.”

Again I say Men & Women take ACCOUNTABILITY | 💙. #SA

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Despite the explanation, some commentoers still disagreed with Sammie.

However, many were more receptive to his explanation.

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