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Omari Hardwick and Wife Respond Vastly Different to Criticism of Their Marriage

Omari Hardwick and wife Jae Hardwick have been married since 2012. (Shannon Finney WireImage/Getty Images)

“Power” actor Omari Hardwick is used to the negativity hurled his way for having a white wife and in a recent case, he clapped back.

The actor responded to an Instagram commenter this past week who said he “lost points” with a fan because of his interracial marriage to¬†Jae Hardwick. Omari Hardwick, who plays Ghost on the hit Starz show, issued this curt response under a photo which appears to have since been deleted.

Since the reply was made, many have voiced their support for Omari Hardwick and slammed @jispainior.

@jispainior later clarified her remarks saying she simply wrote “what most were thinking.”

Jae Hardwick seemed to respond to the dust-up with an empowering Instagram post Monday, July 10.

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My blood Sister sent me this. I couldn't agree more. Others of you, who are not my blood, but sisters all the same, have sent me equally powerful messages. I'm truly developing a tribe of women that most of whom I have never met. I am beyond thankful for each of you and wish I could hug your neck. Know that I pray for you. Ladies, we are so much better together, than wasting our energy trying to stay separate. None of us are the same. None of us have identical experiences. Life has kicked each of our asses more than once, and if it hasn't, unfortunately, just wait. We need each other. Openness, compassion and a willingness to grow are prerequisites for creating a unconquerable #sisterhood. I've said it before, life is not an audition or a competition – God has written each of our days prior to us living even one. Love your own uniqueness while celebrating others for theirs. Girls compete. Women empower. I don't love you any less regardless of the category you fall in. I want the best for you, even if you wish the worst for me. I pray you discover the indescribable freedom that comes when you truly understand that there is no competition for your life and lane. My victories don't take from you, just as much as yours don't take from anyone else. Let's allllllll grow to empower one another as if we were blind. God bless each of you reading these words, whether you choose to bless me or not.

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This is the most recent time Hardwick has been forced to defend his wife. In 2014, he unleashed a tweet-spree when someone claimed Jae Hardwick was ugly.


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