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Maia Campbell Responds to LL Cool J’s Quest to Get In Touch: ‘I’m Good’, ‘I Don’t Need Help!’

Troubled actress Maia Campbell seems conflicted about getting assistance from her former “In The House” co-star LL Cool J.

In a Facebook Live video captured by a man named Darryl, Campbell initially assures LL, whose real name is James Todd Smith, that she is fine.

“Hey Todd, look bro, I love you,” she says Monday, July 10. “I don’t need help, I just need a benefit concert for mental health. Don’t DM me, it’s really me. … I’m in the shop that I temp at or whatever. We’re good. I’m good. I’m doing property, I have investments. I’m a real serious person.”

When Darryl asked how LL can get in touch with Campbell, who slurs her speech and covers her mouth to keep her missing teeth from view, she says playfully, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.”

Campbell muses about using Instagram for contact and then suggests the rapper-actor pray, before becoming frustrated when Darryl presses her about a serious response.

“I don’t know!” she says. “Leave me alone!”

Campbell finally suggests LL use some email addresses and social media, along with her mother’s phone number, which the former star believed LL had.

Late Monday night, LL Cool J indicated he may have backed down from trying to help Campbell.

Over the weekend, the “Lip Synch Battle” host issued a plea to get in touch with Campbell after a clip surfaced of her acting erratically at a gas station. He posted an Instagram message and tweet that said “Thank you” on Monday, indicating he may have gotten in touch with the former actress, who has struggled with drug abuse for years since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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