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Not Everyone Is Convinced Chadwick Boseman Is the Best Choice to Play Thurgood Marshall

The official trailer for “Marshall” dropped Thursday, featuring Chadwick Boseman as the first Black Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall, and some are not pleased by the casting choice.

The film, due October 13, follows the NAACP-recruited Marshall as he defends a Black chauffeur in Connecticut who was accused of sexually assaulting a white woman as well as attempted murder. While Boseman’s portrayal captures Marshall’s voice, some are confused about why a light-skinned man is being played by a darker-skinned man, which is similar to the issue of Zoe Saldana playing singer Nina Simone.

Some thought there is more to an actor’s portrayal than his or her appearance.

Others engaged in a debate about how Marshall’s lightness affected his experience on the Supreme Court.

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