Caught On Camera: Canadian Woman Goes On Racist Rant, Demands ‘White Doctor’ to Treat Her Son

Footage of a woman being openly racist and demanding a “white doctor” for her son at a Toronto-area clinic has gone viral, sparking national outrage.

Her ranting and raving goes on for more than four minutes, prompting other patients to call her out on her bigotry.

“I would like to see a white doctor,” the woman is heard saying to a member of the clinic staff as her son sits quietly beside her in the waiting room area. When the staff member explains that a white doctor won’t be in until after 4 p.m., the woman angrily replies, “So, you’re saying in the whole entire building there isn’t one white doctor?”

“What you’re telling me [is] that my kid has chest pains [and] he’s gonna have to sit here until 4 o’clock?!” she continued. “Can I see a doctor, please, that’s white, that doesn’t have brown teeth and speaks English?”

Her rant quickly caught the attention of other patients in the waiting room, who accused the woman of being a racist and advised her to take her son to the hospital since she was dissatisfied with the doctors there.

“Unbelievable,” one witness can be heard saying under his breath.

At another point in the video, the woman asks the clinic staff, “Oh my gosh, well what’s the closest you have to speaking English?!” She becomes even more enraged, shouting, “What kind of horrible country do I live in?”

“My kid is sick, so I wanna see someone else who doesn’t have brown teeth that speaks English,” she continues. “There’s nobody that’s Canadian? Nobody that was born here?”

The woman goes on to explain that her kid is “part not-white” and that she would prefer that he be treated by a Canadian doctor, backing off her earlier demand that the doctor strictly be white.

Hitesh Bhardwaj, who recorded the woman’s tirade in the waiting room, told the Toronto Star that the incident shocked him.

“I could have just ignored it, but some inner voice convinced me that it is totally wrong, and there is no room for misinterpretation,” Bhardwaj said. “If we all just keep ignoring and shrugging it off to avoid being in unpleasant situations, then things do not change. … Watching something like this in front of your eyes, and it happening so openly and boldly — it just shocked me.

“It was a mixed feeling of being angry and being frustrated.”

The Canadian man can be heard arguing with the woman at the end of the video, telling her that the doctor doesn’t have to be white to speak English. Another young lady also steps in to confront the angry mother.

“Your child clearly has more issues with you being his mother than him needing to see a doctor,” the young lady says. “You are extremely rude and racist.”

The heated encounter ended after police were called and the woman was escorted out of the building. Authorities said a doctor at the clinic eventually treated the sick boy.

It turns out this isn’t the first time the woman has had a racist outburst. Two women who used to be friends with the mother told CTV Toronto they immediately recognized who it was when they saw the video.

“It was because of her racial slurs, she was saying a lot of racial things,” one of the former friends said. “I have three sons, they’re all Black and I didn’t want to have that negative person around my kids.”

Bhardwaj’s video has gotten over 500 million views since he uploaded it online Sunday.

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