Racist Acts Can Get You Jailed In Brazil — If You’re Black

Brazilian funk singer Ludmilla has been the target of numerous racist remarks since she first broke onto the music scene in 2012 with the YouTube hit “Fala Mal de Mim.”

In one recent attack Ludmilla was called a “disgusting nigger” on Instagram. She reported the incident to authorities, and the offender is now facing up to 4 years in jail, thanks to Brazil’s anti-racism laws. However, while most people might assume the offender is white, he actually is Black, although he doesn’t consider himself to be. He also says he can’t be considered racist because his grandfather is Black.

This isn’t the first racist attack Ludmilla has faced. A white TV host once compared her hair to a Brillo pad. She sued the television station; however, not only was the host not fired, Ludmilla herself was banned from the network.

This Atlanta Black Star video highlights several racist attacks against one of Brazil’s own, Ludmilla.

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