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Kylie Jenner Caught Up In Clothing Controversy Like Big Sis Khloé Kardashian

Hot on the heels of big sister Khloé Kardashian being accused of ripping off a Black designer, Kylie Jenner is facing the same accusation.

The makeup guru and reality TV star was caught in the cross hairs of Tizita Balemlay, a Black woman who is the CEO of Plugged NYC. Balemlay challenged Jenner on her Instagram page Thursday, June 8, claiming the line of camouflage separates in “The Kylie Collection” were heavily influenced by Balemlay’s independent brand.

Balemlay also unveiled emails from Jenner’s team asking for Plugged NYC swimwear and tops, which weren’t in the camo style.

And a day earlier, Balemlay, who counts Rihanna among her clients, nixed any ideas that she was trying to take credit for inventing camo.

Jenner, who hasn’t commented on the matter, landed in an identical situation as her sister who was also called out by a Black designer for apparently stealing designs. Kardashian and Destiny Bleu are going the legal route to settle their dispute.

In the meantime, Twitter users are sounding off on Jenner.

One person was shut down when attempting to take up for Jenner.

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