6 African Countries That Are Hostile Toward Black People

Black people in African countries are facing hostile environments that include the killing of Blacks, sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

In Mauritania, after gaining independence from France in 1960, ethnic tensions arose between Afro-Mauritanians and Arab-Mauritanians. In 2007, slavery was abolished for the third time, however, it has been reported that in 2013 nearly 90,000 Mauritanians were still enslaved by Arab Muslims.

Other countries like Egypt, Libya, and Morocco also have shown their hatred toward Black Africans. While Morocco is known for its beautiful landscape, Moroccans’ antipathy toward Black Americans is clear from the many reports of Blacks being victims of physical and verbal violence. Black Africans in Morocco are looked down upon as descendants of slaves and called “Haratini” (“enslaved Africans”).

This Atlanta Black Star original showcases several African countries that have exhibited hate toward Black Africans in the form of violence and enslavement.

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