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6 African Countries That Are Hostile Toward Black People

racism in morroco


Travelers to Morocco often describe the stunning landscape with mountains, deserts, valleys, and uninterrupted miles of beaches on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. What’s often overlooked is the way Black people are treated in the country.

In a 2010 article, author Smahane Bouyahia reports that Blacks in Morocco — natives, immigrants from elsewhere in Africa, and African-Americans — are often targets of racial discrimination.

“In Morocco, and north Africa, there is a serious problem of racism towards Black people. Called ‘Black Africans,’ they are considered descendants of slaves and labeled ‘hartani’—literally, ‘second-rate free men’—or even worse, ‘aâzi’—which translates to ‘bloody Negro.’ Blacks in Morocco, be they students, migrants from the south of the Sahara or others, are constant victims of discrimination,” Bouyahia wrote.

In 2012, French cable news channel, France 24, reported that a Moroccan newsweekly magazine published an article about sub-Saharan Africans coming into the country. The title of the article was “Le péril noir,”  the black peril, or the black menace.

France 24 also displayed the cover page of another Moroccan magazine, written in Arabic, with an image of what appears to be African immigrants standing in front of a building under the title caption: “The black crickets invading Morocco’s north.”

One student highlighted in Bouyahia’s article described his experience studying in Morocco:

“Often, when I’m just walking down the street, people will call me a “dirty Black man” or call me a slave. Young Moroccans have physically assaulted me on several occasions, for no reason, and passers-by who saw this didn’t lift a finger to help me. All my friends are Black and they have all had similar experiences. Even the girls get insulted in the street. To avoid getting hurt, I now try to ignore the insults. But if someone starts to hit me, what can I do? I have to defend myself.”

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165 thoughts on “6 African Countries That Are Hostile Toward Black People

  1. Rolly De Lajungle says:

    No , No respectful Black Person should go to those Shitty People Land ! We need to Ambargo them ! Also not to be friendly to those who are from there , double faces Bastard Nations .

  2. Mic Theory says:

    The silver lining is when Morroccans visit European countries like England they are considered black and it pisses them off…lol is it Justice or JUST US my Morrocccan brothers?

  3. North Africa is occupied…..They are still trying to keep the blacks out of their own land lol..

  4. I've noticed that every one of these countries listed are infested with invader descendants. Hopefully movements soon begin to oust these arrogant fools from their homelands.

  5. Yes,it is not unusual for blacks transiting through Cairo Airport to have their passports confiscated while the whites are not subjected to the same treatment.Personally i have encountered harassment at Cairo airport despite having valid travel documents.It doesn't matter whether you are a university professor,they treat you the same.As for verbal sexual abuse i think my wife has endured enough!But all the same,i love myself for being black and i know the truth!

  6. I never knew this was going on shame on these countries.

  7. Boycott them yes.

  8. Pharaoh Sco says:

    BS, they are the original imperial colonialists. Them fools are not indigenous, and sure hell not African. I know we Africans come in different shades but gtfoh. Those bastards are the descendants of arab conquerors and treat real Africans like dirt on their own land is whats happening. As far as Im concern to use the phrase "Black African" is redundant, because as if theres any other kind.

  9. Kymberle C Lucas says:

    Racism and white supremacy started from what HUEman. . . Circle of Infinity, I always say smh

  10. Anonymous says:

    Don't be misguided about Morocco. Morocco has 2 of its cities under spanish occupation. Because of that, immigrants (coming from western & central Africa ) willing to flee to Europe come to Morocco to access Europe without having to cross the Mediterranean. Morocco is now the second major point for immigrants flow from South to North with tens of thousand of illegals storming the country. Moroccans watching their number growing are scared because they see them with nothing , no job, no money. These illegals are mostly black but if they were yellow, morocccans would react the same and the title of the cover pictured would have been "le péril jaune".
    Half of the people of Morocco is black. They are cities where all inhabitants are black like Zagora, Tinghir, Ouarzazate, Assa, mostly in the South. Racial slurs when they occured are mostly due to ignorance and if you search you will find that moroccans insulting the most are from poor neighbourhoods with many of them having black ancestry themselves. I , myself , was one time with a black taxi driver in Marrakech who laughed at black tourists because they're black!! That's stupidity, like he was of swedish origin lol. If you ask students from western & central africa living in Morocco ,they will tell you the country is the most welcoming for them and to see by yourself, I recommend you to visit my country; I'm sure you will have a better idea , not that of the article.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Also some straight facts about Morocco. The inhabitants of Morocco today are a mix between : white berbers, black berbers from the Sahara, a minority of pure arabs, white descendants of spanish convert to Islam who were expulsed by christians during the Reconquista, white descendants of europeans convert to Islam after they were kidnapped in Europe and sold in Morocco during the Barabary Pirates period and black descendants of slaves taken in what is now Mali,the most famous being the Gnawa of Morocco.

  12. Solar Solar says:

    I've never experienced what this article depicts. My children's mother is from morocco

  13. Kc Charles Okoro says:

    It happens but not as bad as this article makes it out to be.
    Again, black people work hard and develop your land. Is it not time we said enough is enough to this Nonsense!

  14. I know too many moroccan racists that were born and raised in the Netherlands to know that what you're saying is not true. None of the moroccans here have witnessed that but are still racist. You may not be 1, and I know some that are cool too, but I know way too many to even consider visiting your country.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thomas George . You base your thought on the behaviour of "many" moroccans you know in Holland , (not in Morocco ) to justify you won't visit my country. Just be aware that moroccans of morocco are the first who don't like them because they are not well educated and have "Thug " behaviours. We call them here "zmagri" (derivaion of immigrant in french) to separte them from us as we are not proud about their wrongdoing outsifde of Morocco. Moroccans in Holland are mainly from the north of Morocco where the people are known to be rude. Again don't generalize and go to Morocco to see for yourself and then you can judge with objectivity.

  16. Macbenny Awobajo says:

    May be because you are married to one them, they pretend to be cool to you. I know one arrogant bastard Morroccan here in USA who is a perfect example of the story in this article.

  17. Ibo Thabo says:

    A closer friends of mine, who spent 13 years of learning and have degree on comparative religion & certificate on computer science, was employed by a Northern African community which majority are Moroccans, Algerians & Tunisian in France. The same post was previously hold by unqualified Arab Moroccan with a salary of €1300, (over $1800)a month, with 8 days off every month, but the over qualified Black was given the same job without any written agreement, without any day off and for the salary of €300. When the organization had to end the contract of the previous Arab Moroccan, they informed him 3 months before, but when they were ending the employment of the Black was immediate, they just said “your job stop from now on”.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Again we talking about what happens IN Morocco , not outside of the country. Moroccans born abroad are not the same as Morocco's moroccans. Moroccans abroad , mainly Holland, France , Belgium, have huge problems of integration resulting in delinquency, violence, communitarianism and racism.

  19. Ibo Thabo says:

    The story I repot on is done by northern Africans who were 99% born & grow in north Africa.

  20. people who don't consider themselves as Africans, Moroccans don't fully participate in African activities with the various political organizations, from the governmental level to the bastard Moroccan on Italian street all consider themselves Europeans….I pity their of such ignorance

  21. This is why these countries are catching hell from European countries

  22. Mehdi Alaoui says:

    me neither and I lived there for 4 years. I've heard name calling from street hoodlums once or twice but nothing major. Most of my friends were from Senegal and Guinea while I lived there and they love it there as they still live there. As for the problem of illegal immigration of course that's going to cause some issues some might deem as racist because they see the people being detained are sub-saharan Africans. Europe pays Moroccans to detain illegal immigrants because they can easily enter Europe from there and do, Moroccans illegally enter Europe as well. No country is perfect and you're always gonna find some racist weirdos, especially right now as tensions are high from Islamists and immigration. As for the other countries on the list, I can't speak on it but Atlanta Black star probably got the wrong information on that too ( just lke you tried to say that 50%> of Nigerians bleach their skin)

  23. Invaders and colonialists, Arabs………yes, they were the same as others are quick to point out about Europeans…….they are not indigenous Africans……..stop using the term "Black AFricans" and use the term "Indigenous Africans"

  24. They need to be kicked out, all of the non Blacks need to be kicked out and the brainwashed Blacks need to die out.

  25. truthhurt51 I am not 'justifying' and I don't have to 'justify' the fact that I don't want to visit your country, since I'm not obliged to visit it. It's not a crime not to check out Morocco. I also didn't generalize in my comment. I said that I know too many moroccan racists, not that all moroccans are racist. You're the one generalizing, talking about moroccans from north Morocco being known to be rude. You do have a point though, that moroccans from the Netherlands are different from moroccans from Morocco. But in your first comment you were explaining how some moroccans (from morocco) have their reasons to be racist (although it's still wrong), to get people to understand their ignorance (and where it comes from). But the thing is, with what I've experienced here in the Netherlands, your story about the moroccans being racist just because of the illegals (and that they wouldve responded the same way if the illegals were from other races) lost all its credibility for me. Again, I do know some moroccans that aren't racist, but they are such a small minority that this article doesn't amaze me a bit.

  26. Pat Massah says:

    i myself im a livin in morocco studyin! its sad but true there is racism in some parts of Morocco but i cant lie there are so many good people too! but truth be told most of my friends have either faced harassment,street insults and stuff! i myself too…these people need to understand civilazation

  27. Mary E Porterfield says:

    What can you expect of a people who themselves colonized, but enjoyed the label. of 'white' in order to further divide. When you are ignorant, the only antidote is education.

  28. John Smith says:

    What post were they pushing white supremacy, I mean, I kind of agree with you, I also have my suspicions about this site. Link me to the post

  29. Blacks should boycott Morocco, trips and even not using their Airlines where possible. They 're Shit.

  30. Wolfe Wolf says:

    I respect black people ♡ forever

  31. Herbert Dube says:

    I have always said that most of these North African countries dont want to be considered as African. They would rather be associated with middle east. 🙁

  32. Herbert Dube says:

    I have always said that most of these North African countries dont want to be considered as African. They would rather be associated with middle east. 🙁

  33. Mbiganyi Habvane says:

    They have always been racist even worse the whites

  34. LaDonna Cole says:

    Makes sense when you see movies in Hollywood, constantly depict people from this region with white actors, when the clear majority has been black, and later arab. There's a new Moses movie coming out with Christian Bale in the lead!

  35. I just came back from Egypt and I did not experience any racism. I actually found the people to be very nice and welcoming. Maybe it's because they thought I was African-American and not African?

  36. Even African countries hate black people, hahaha!

    Hear that? Another balck kid just killed one of his own! And another!!

  37. I have to say, this is incredibly lazy journalism. While technically in Africa, all of those countries are predominantly arab. So they might as well just wrote about racism in Arab countries, instead of suggesting the article was going to discuss the plight of Africans, Sub-Saharan Africa.
    It's like having article talking about poverty in America, and then focusing on Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic.

  38. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Bless. They are not Arabs, they are mixed race far from the Arabia. The original arabs are of Black complexion. We have to be very careful not give up what is ours.

  39. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    I concur, this phrase "Black Africans" must stop, we keep giving up what is ours.

  40. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    truthhurt51, the bottom line is this. Invaders who are now called Arabs, simply do not like the indigenous people of Arabia (who are Black) nor the indigenous people of all Africa, history has proved this. I am almost sure, you are a descendent of those invaders who call themselves Arabs. Blaming it on migration.

  41. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    truthhurt51, the bottom line is this. Invaders who are now called Arabs, simply do not like the indigenous people of Arabia (who are Black) nor the indigenous people of all Africa, history has proved this. I am almost sure, you are a descendent of those invaders who call themselves Arabs. Blaming it on migration.

  42. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    LaDonna Cole "Black and later Arab" Arabs are originally black in description. Those white skin people are not Arab, they are invaders. You are calling one a Nation and the other a Color.

  43. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Kc Charles Okoro: You living in a dream world.

  44. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Mehdi Alaoui We are always ready to discredit our own. If this was white publishing, you would accept it more.

  45. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Jamal Bradley: Don't be an ass, it is clear that the States are African states, where indigenous Africans are being treated badly in their own Land, by ruling invaders. Your analogy makes no sense.

  46. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Ibo Thabo You did the story, good for you. Continue to expose, don't mind these beaten slaves. If it was white published, with a white face, they would more accept it.

  47. Shammua Mekonnen, how are these indigenous African states, when the indigenous population in those countries are largely Berber or Arab? Which of those states has a largely indigenous black African population? Maybe Egypt thousands of yrs ago, but how does that correlate to today? Stop being naive about the reality of those lands and just because it's technically in Africa, doesn't mean it's directly connected to Africa.

  48. Mehdi Alaoui says:

    Shammua Mekonnen Your response is like a cop out to me. I trust my eyes, ears, and my experience more than some random article. No I don't trust white publishing necessarily either, because they do the same thing, I see their emotional clickbait articles in my news feed everyday as well. I'm sorry but when you tell people things like most of Nigeria's population bleaches their skin and you use unsubstantiated facts then I stop trusting your sources, it's that simple. Being reactionary will never help black people ( I know because I used to be this way), only well thought out and strategic responses will. The internet gives us access to information at our finger tips but if this information that's being spread is wrong it then becomes misinformation. There needs to be better quality control in some of these articles. A lot of information online is meant to touch your emotions and then somehow bypass logic, this creates a reader who is eager to accept any information, whether it is right or wrong. That's why the establishment is able to manipulate black people so easy they just play up on your emotions and can easily predict what you are going to do. That's why there's been a lack of results in a lot of areas for many decades, that's why the changes that are necessary can never come about. You can choose to live your life afraid and scared and never travel that's on you, but do yourself a favor and do actual research into things and verify the sources,cross-reference, etc.

  49. Levi Brooklyn says:

    culturally and linguistically they are closer to the Middle East. The most they share with Black Africans is landmass. Otherwise there is not much in common.

  50. Levi Brooklyn says:

    Blacks from subsahara are migrating to those countries for a better life. But you don't see this the other way around. So they have the upper hand or leverage. We got to get out act together.

  51. Dwayne Speed says:

    thank you for your strong comment!!!

  52. Dwayne Speed says:

    Shammua Mekonnen that is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Dwayne Speed says:

    Listen this is why what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught is so important. We need to separate from all these other races and build our own nation….

  54. Dwayne Speed says:

    Prophet Muhammad last lecture had to deal with racism, he knew his Arab race had a problem with Black people!!!!!

  55. Dwayne Speed says:

    There is no middle east, that is Africa!!!!

  56. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Dwayne Speed , that is correct Dwayne Speed.

  57. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Dwayne Speed , i join with you Dwayne, there is no such thing as the Middle East.

  58. Dwayne Speed says:

    Soon Allah's (God) plan we be in full effect and we will have justice all over this planet! A generation will be born to handle all these lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Dwayne Speed says:

    not worse than whites, but they are fucked up to…excuse my language…

  60. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Jamal Bradley , my apologies for the name calling. Jamal, largely represents quantity, this is not about quantity. I can bring my whole family and live at your place for 50 years, doesn't mean you are not indigenous to it, i just happen to number more than you. Now, the original inhabitants historically speaking were black in complexion, Berbers, Arabs, what ever you want to call them, if we are going to speak on the Continent, it is called in modern terminology Africa, therefore indigenous. You seem to be separating the complexion and culture of the Berbers & Arabs from Africans, but they are all Africans with Tribal descriptions, example: Berber, Bedouin, Maasai, Zulu e.t.c. "…'s technically in Africa, doesn't mean it's directly connected to Africa". Brother, who do you think gave those descriptive name, they were given by people of foreign status, who were describing what they saw.

  61. Michael Olumide Pase says:

    News flash. Nation of Islam followers all think it's the black man's religion. It isn't. It's an Arab religion used to colonise black Africans long before Christianity. Muhammad Ali is no more a black man's name than Cassius Clay!

  62. Michael Olumide Pase says:

    News flash. Nation of Islam followers all think it's the black man's religion. It isn't. It's an Arab religion used to colonise black Africans long before Christianity. Muhammad Ali is no more a black man's name than Cassius Clay!

  63. Anonymous says:

    This article makes me question why so many Black people are so vocal about what's going on between the Palestinians and Israelis. Arabs don't like Black people as evidenced in this article. So why do we care about what's going on in Gaza? Let's mind our business and stop putting our noses in issues that do not concern us.

  64. Christopher Laurent Arrighi says:

    Arabs are Caucasian people. Please I wish people would know their history.
    Arabs are not from the African diaspora. In schools they check the box that says white never black..Arabs are black no they are Persians which have invaded North Africa with Islam and their war like culture and mentality.
    Please do your research Hannibal was a black man hailing from modern day Libya, before it was Arab it was Nubian. Have a great day and please read your history and stop letting society dictate what you comprehend.

  65. Christopher Laurent Arrighi says:

    Well Apache Player please stay in your lane. I never iterated that Arabs are Europeans , but Arabs are considered Caucasian. Hannibal was still part of the Nubian diaspora jack ass, he is still a black man from Carthage or Cairo!
    The geographic location is a mere discrepancy. Persians and Arabs are still Caucasian know your ethnicity, you probably say the word " race " still although there is only one race which is the human race. As stated stay in your lane ride 35.

  66. Shawn Mc says:

    Dwayne Speed you can believe that all you like, just know the rest of the world dont see it like that

  67. Shawn Mc says:

    Apache Player whoa whoa whoa "arabs and persians are black"
    whats your definition of black ?
    what evidence do you have defining both groups as black?
    provide reputable DNA info

  68. Shawn Mc Read what I said again: "the original Arabs and Persians both are Black…" Have you heard of the "out of Africa" theory of human migration? Check out the book "Origins" by the archaeologist Leakey, who found the oldest bones in the world to have been from Ethiopia. If so, wouldn't it make sense that the first people everywhere were Black? According to theory the earliest humans migrated from East Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, where the oldest bones outside of Africa have been found. From Arabia people moved into Persia. For a detailed explanation check out "The Incredible Human Journey," a documentary by Dr. Alice Roberts.
    The historical evidence for defining both Arabs as Black comes from Arabs themselves. They would be the most appropriate to describe themselves, don't you think? For an academic treatment of this issue, with references in the Arabic language, check out:
    Scientific data, in the form of cranial analysis, for the position that the original Arabs are Black can be found here:

    Visit the south of Saudi Arabia (Jaizan and Najran) and you can find hose original Black Arabs still in existence. In Yemen, the place that Arabs claim as the original homeland of the Arabs, and you can see the original Black Arabs all over the country.
    The evidence for the Black presence in Persia can be seen very clearly at the relief of King Darius the Great, the third King of the Persian Empire:
    Notice how he is depicted as being Black and you can especially see the color of his hand. Also, notice how is depicted as being so curly that it almost looks like a modern day "Afro."
    At the palace of King Darius there is a frieze depicting Persian archers as being Black with curly hair.
    For a broad historical perspective, which demonstrates that the original Arabs and Persians were Black, check out the book entitled "The Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire."
    Oh, and my definition of Black is basically anyone with dark skin. What is yours?

  69. What lane is that? Certainly, I will stay out of your lane, which is the uniformed lane. Arabs are considered Caucasian not a sole, but yourself. Caucasian means that they came from Europe by way of the Caucus Mountains. Caucasian implies European if you didn't realize that. What Nubian diaspora are you talking? There is no historical record of any diaspora for people from Nubia, which is in modern day Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan. Are you trying to insinuate that all Black people or African are Nubian? Punic/Phoenician was a Semitic language and Nubian is a Nilo-Saharn language, which are two vastly different languages. So, how did Hannibal become a Nubian? Ethnic groups, for your information, are defined groups with shared culture or language and race is considered as a biological classification of DNA and bone structure. You really have no clue what you are talking about do you? Also, Carthage is not Cairo and Nubians are from neither. They are from Upper Egypt or Kemet and Cairo is in lower Egypt. It looks like you haven't the foggiest idea about geography either. First, according to you, Hannibal was from Liyba. You stand corrected that he was from Carthage, but now you have thrown Cairo, which is even further from Carthage, into the mix. Where did you get this nonsense? Also, it looks like you should know your ethnic groups because Arabs are classified in the Afro-Asiatic ethnic group. Persians are in the Indo-European ethnic group and for your information there is no such ethnic group as Caucasian. As I mentioned before, regardless of these ethnic classifications the Caucasian colonizer has given that you have accepted wholeheartedly, the original Arabs and Persians are both Black. You haven't seen me use the word race, so know your place (which is to not put words in my mouth or on my posts) and stick to facts, not assumptions and ridiculous colonialist classifications. You are the one that has used race as a factor erroneously because Caucasian is considered a race and not an ethnic group. Again, please do not post what you do no comprehend. Oh, and try to write something intelligent, if you can, rather than name calling.

  70. Shawn Mc says:

    Apache Player defining black as anyone with melanin is lazy scholarship because then you must define how much melanin a person should have in order to be black and what if they have a tan, does that make them black, there are east indians darker than some capoid does that make them capoid ?

    using dna or their ethnicity is a more accurate definition.
    its not new information that all man origin comes from africa and the proof is the oldest skull found was in the region but there were other groups in the region also, many groups interbred with each other then spread out like in case the melanesians or aborigines.

    arabs dont consider themselves african and i believe dr wesley was talking about islam the religion having a black origin and the prophet being black african and not the people.

  71. Shawn Mc says:

    Apache Player one or 2 murals is not proof of a black presence, you must research the people migrations and study their ethnicity and customs.
    curly hair or black hands isnt proof.
    that book the wonderful ethiopians is an outdated book, it was written in the 20's

  72. Shawn Mc says:

    Apache Player oh yea afros are not curly

  73. Shawn Mc You asked me what my definition of Black and not the scholarly consensus on what defines Black. Actually, there is none because Black is a color and not a race or ethnicity. I think you have things confused. Obviously, from the careless way you write and your lack of evidence for anything you say, you should examine your complete lack of scholarship. What is lazy is the fact that you didn't even read the proof that was provided in the text, from original Arabic sources, that confirm that fact that they thought of themselves as Black. Obviously, you have done no research on the matter, if would be better to read and cross reference before you comment. Again, according to the "out of Africa" theory the original inhabitants came to Arabia from East Africa. That point stands and I would like to remind you that science is not fact. Science is a theory that stands until dis proven. Arabs remained Black until they started to migrate out of Arabia and mix with other people. Have you been to Arabia though? Have you seen what the people there look? Of course you haven't, so you have no credibility to comment on how they define themselves. Let them define themselves and once you read that text you will see exactly how the originals described themselves. Don't tell me what you believe, because that has no relevance. Read and then form a conclusion.

  74. Shawn Mc Oh yea, curly hair produces an Afro. The hair of the Persians on those murals and Darius obviously was curly or spiral.

  75. Shawn Mc says:

    Apache Player you told me your definition of black and then said its not the scholarly consensus and you call me confused.
    hey apache everyone ancestors came from africa so i guess we are all african;So what.
    what original arabic sources ? all your sources come from dr wesley muhammad.
    your links did not provide arabs defining themselves as black but i did find this :
    “The King of the Arabs put this question to R. Akiba: “I am black (kushi) and my wife is black (kushit), yet she gave birth to a white son. Shall I kill her for having played the harlot while lying with me?”[35]. this was just an analogy on dealing with adultery, the ink sources even stated its probably completely legendary

    science is a process and theory is theory

  76. Shawn Mc Wikipedia, really is that what you are quoting? Once again you have no evidence for anything you say, so therefore you have no position. You have an opinion and that is fine, but it would help if you read a bit so your opinion would at least be informed. Again, you asked me what my definition of Black is and I told you. You didn't ask me what the scholarly definition of Black is, so I helped you out and told you that there is none. Black is a skin color and not a race, culture, language or ethnicity. Read the document and you will see the original Arabic sources. You can see them in Arabic, which I am sure you can't read. When you research you must check references and find those references to make sure that they say what has been cited. Also, you must read and understand the context of that which is quoted. I keep pointing you to his research because he cites his sources and explains the context. Once you read the evidence he cites you can form your own opinion of what the person he has quoted is trying to convey. Read what I wrote. Read the documents and then comment. Knowledge proceeds speech and actions. That is an academic principle you should consider adhering to. Scientific method is a process which results in a theory that stands until dis proven. Science starts with a theory that is taken through a systematic method that can produce explainable results. Once again you are confused and have proven nothing, except for that you haven't done any research on the topics you are commenting on and have no theories that are supported by the remotest scholarship. You haven't even read the documentation I have sent you, so I am still appalled and baffled that you continue to comment. Go back and read what I said and answer some of the questions I have posed to you since you can't provide any sources or academic evidences. Matter of fact, just go study and start with that instead of making pointless comments.

  77. Shawn Mc says:

    Apache Playerthat quote i sent came from the link you provided.
    lol i read enough and I'm not a believer of wesley muhammad theories, i doubt hes a dr comfortable knowing you are pupil of his.
    wow i bet you talk a lot; one of those afrocentrics who love to hear himself speak about the history he never was apart of.
    enough with your long winded stories, i sent a link of certain group admixtures, check it out. because persia is on it.i see a 1% bantu dna connection

    that classical historians and geographers called the whole region from India to Egypt,

  78. Shawn Mc Actually, I am not a pupil of his at all. Far from it, but I do read and cross reference. Once again you arriving at unfounded conclusion doesn't give you any credibility. Read the sources regardless if you agree with him or not. I see you comment a lot and probably talk yourself (really the word would be speculate) especially on things you have no knowledge of. As for history unfortunately, your people are almost the only ones in the world that don't know their own history or where they came from. Unfortunately, if that is the case, you can't speak on anyone's history other than the ones that were taken across the Atlantic and brainwashed. You sent me a link about DNA on modern day Iranians. Once again, I stated that the original Arabs and Persians were Black and not the modern day Aryans. Either you can't read very well or you comprehend nothing. English is your first language right? Probably the only one you can speak as well right? So all of your information comes from the same ones who enslaved you. Once again I gave you the sources from Dr. Muhammad because from your poor English, I am certain you can't speak Arabic to go to the original sources yourself. Since you are doubting his degrees though, what education do you have to speak on these issues? Have you ever studied or been to the countries you continue to comment on? What is your educational background, which affords you the right to speak on qualifications? Have you ever read about him or attended any of the courses he taught at reputable Universities?Have you every studied anything you continue to comment on? If so, you would be able to construct a grammatically correct sentence and form a conclusion grounded in evidence. Since you haven't taken the time to look at his references I will send you a couple:
    "I am Miskeen, for those who know me. My color is dark, the color of the Arabs."
    He (Al Fadl ibn Al Abbas) says 'I am pure' because the color of the Arabs is dark".
    Ibn Berry, the well-known Arab grammarian of the 12th century CE, explains Al Fadl ibn Al Abbas's words by saying, "…He means by this that his genealogy is pure and that he is a pure Arab because the Arabs describe their color as black."
    Ibn Mandour further describes the pure Arabs by saying, "while kinky hair is the kind of hair that most Arabs have".
    Al-Mubarrad (d. 898), the leading figure in the Basran grammatical tradition, claimed: “The Arabs used to take pride in their brown and black complexion (al-sumra wa al-sawād) and they had a distaste for a white and fair complexion (al-ḥumra wa al-shaqra), and they used to say that such was the complexion of the non-Arabs.”
    . Shamar explains complexion of most Arabs is brown and jet-black and the complexion of most non-Arabs is white and red.”
    I think that is enough to establish that that the original Arabs thought of themselves as Black. Let them speak their own story. The colonizers and the colonizer's commentators always feel the need to define others or interpret what others said for them as if these people weren't smart enough to describe or depict themselves. I never said they were African, even though it is clear from the "out of Africa" theory that the first people in Arabia came from there. I said the originals are Black and according to theory, the first people everywhere were Black. So, what? Some Arabs call themselves Black if that is their skin color. Some other than that. Some Arabs call themselves African like the people of Sudan and some don't like the people of Syria, for example.
    As for the Persians the links I sent you are self-explanatory. Ask the people of knowledge if you don't know, so go ask a Professor of Persian studies and see what he says. Read, research, travel more than you comment because it is clear as day, that you don't have a clue what you are talking about.

  79. Prince Erick says:

    like Israel vs Palestine? How's that going? Come on man.

  80. Prince Erick says:

    like Israel vs Palestine? How's that going? Come on man.

  81. Prince Erick says:

    Dwayne Speed and exactly how does that work in 2014?

  82. Prince Erick says:

    Dwayne Speed and exactly how does that work in 2014?

  83. Prince Erick says:

    shhhhhh. facts aren't welcome here. lol

  84. Christopher Laurent Arrighi says:

    Looks like Shawn MC
    Understands the point I was trying to make, Apache Player just likes to play devils advocate, and likes to argue dumb ass points. Not everything is black damn I'm black and even I know that. Arabs and Persians are not from the African diaspora just because they posses melanin Shawn MC is right, what's next Indians from India are black c'mon son!

  85. Shawn Mc says:

    Apache Player

    your early comments tried to make a case that persians and arabs were african and now you are back tracking but as long as you now admit they aren't negroid everything else is irrelevant.

    you should of clarified that your main focus was on their skin complexion and you believe some arabs and persians started out darker than they are now ,to be honest i could giive 2 f%^ks what complexion they were.

    most of your comments was unnecessary,not needed and pure theory

  86. Leonard Vaughn says:

    Dwayne Speed Go To a Muslim Country and Talk about Elijah Muhammad and see what Happens You will Be Executed Thats what would Happen

  87. Leonard Vaughn says:

    Shawn Mc You are Correct But its Very Easy for him to say these things while here In The United States and Not overseas

  88. Leonard Vaughn says:

    Thats True

  89. Aswan Mohamed says:

    First of all the proble is with in the "blacks"
    Arabs has nothing to do with what happen in Rwanda. Congo.
    And what's going on right now in central Africa!!!!!
    Arabs are not black nor white
    So why don't we fix the problems with in us.
    Then talkin about Arabs and who they are!!!!

  90. Aswan Mohamed says:

    My brothers where in university in Tunisia
    And married Tunisian woman and I also have a Moroccan friend and they are great ppl
    U may have see bad one but that doesn't justify the hole maroccans
    There is a racism every where
    I my self I'm black and African. And I have been called that I'm one of the orphans that the white man left behind by 2 black womens from Congo
    Just cuz that I'm light skin black woman n have different type of hair

  91. Aswan Mohamed says:

    My brothers where in university in Tunisia
    And married Tunisian woman and I also have a Moroccan friend and they are great ppl
    U may have see bad one but that doesn't justify the hole maroccans
    There is a racism every where
    I my self I'm black and African. And I have been called that I'm one of the orphans that the white man left behind by 2 black womens from Congo
    Just cuz that I'm light skin black woman n have different type of hair

  92. Aswan Mohamed says:

    The problem is with in us
    And it's damn shame that many of us don't even realize that! Smh

  93. Aswan Mohamed says:

    The problem is with in us
    And it's damn shame that many of us don't even realize that! Smh

  94. Shawn Mc There is no back tracking. What I said was that “the original Arabs and Persians are both Black”. You asked me what my definition of Black is and I said “dark skin.” So my point stands and again you have made none. Your lack of reading comprehension is astounding. What is worse is you continue to comment without any knowledge or understanding. I made the comment that some modern Arabs describe themselves as African because you said that they don’t. I made the point that some do to refute your hasty generalization. Read first post to the other commentator. I said and I quote: “the original Arabs and Persian are both Black.” I didn’t say African, you did. So, I asked you to read what I wrote again, which you obviously didn’t. So I will say it again and reiterate so you can try to understand and stop mixing things. “The original Arabs and Persian are Black.”
    What I did say was that according to the “out of Africa” theory, which is accept by most archeologists and anthropologists, the first inhabitants in Arabia came from East Africa. So, again my point stands that “the original Arabs are Black”. Here is another source from Saudi Aramco, which states that the earliest inhabitants of Arabia were from Africa.
    Then, in the last correspondence I sent, numerous Arab sources were cited to prove that they, the Arabs themselves, thought of themselves as originally “Black” and “Dark” with “Curly” hair. Check the sources and it will be abundantly clear for those that can read that the Arabs consider the originals to be those attributes I described.
    As for the Persians, according to the “out of Africa” theory the earliest inhabitants of Persia migrated from Arabia. Until you can prove how environmental or migratory factors caused their complexions to change, then they would have remained Black. Do some research on the Elamites, who built the first civilization in Persia. They built the Chogha Zanbil ziggurat and other monuments.
    Reginald S. Poole, the English Egyptologist noted that: "There is one portrait of an Elamite king on a vase found at Susa; he is painted black and thus belongs to the Cushite race." (Quoted by Professor Alfred C. Haddon, in his History of Anthropology, p. 6, London, 1934. Thinker's Library Edition, published by Watts & Co., 5 & 6 Johnson's Court, Fleet St., London, E. c.-4, England.)
    Susa was the same place that King Darius had his palace. The frescoes that were sent to you make it clear that those Persian were “Black.” Their hair was curly. Darius the Great was the King of Persia. Does it make sense that, in those ancient times, he would be the King if he wasn’t from the dominant ethnic group? You saw his soldiers. They were “Black” and their hair was curly. Since you don’t accept that, check out a book by an Iranian about the Blacks in Iran:
    Mirzai, B. A. (2002), "African presence in Iran: Identity and its reconstruction in the 19th and 20th centuries", Revue française d'histoire d'outre-mer 89: 336–337
    Look up a real life figure named Ibrahim Al-Mahdi, better known as, Ibrahim the “Blessed”, who was a King of the Abbasid dynasty and the son of a Black “Persian princess”.
    Do some research about a real life Persian named Muhammad bin Jarir Al Tabari. He was a scholar and wrote over 400 books. He is described as having a being tall with a “dark complexion”.
    Franz Rosenthal, trans., The History of al-Ţabarī (State University of New York Press, 1989) pg. 40
    Look up a people on the “Bantu” coast in Africa called the Shirazi people, who are Black and claim that they are descendants of Persian Princes who came back to East Africa to trade. Shiraz is also a city in modern Iran, but the origin of the city is from the Elamite period.
    Also, I mentioned that they, the original Blacks, are still in those countries and I named the places in the Arabian Peninsula. Actually you can find them in every country in Arabia. Most Black-Persians are concentrated in Hormozagan, Sistan and Baluchestan and Khuzestan, which was part of the ancient Elamite/Persian Empire.
    Do some research and then comment with something informative and not unfounded doubt and dismissal. As you see I have provided numerous sources that confirm that the original Arabs and Persian are Black.

  95. Shawn Mc I never used the word African in my original argument, so once again to make things clear, you have things misconstrued. You said in one of your pathetic posts that Arabs don’t define themselves as African, so I made the point that yes, some Arabs do define themselves as African. Even more define themselves as Black because that is their skin color. I made a point to prove that your point was a fallacy. My original premise is that the “original Arabs and Persians are Black.” Negroid is an archaic term that was used by archeologists and anthropologists and is disputed as a classification. Most scientific journals have ceased even using that term. You have never seen me use that term. Despite that fact, people who do use it such as you would need to consider that when it was used it was applied to Africans, Dravidians (indigenous Indians), Melanesians, aboriginal Australians, and was even applied to the oldest bones that were found in the Americas called Lucia. The point is that even according to your own terms, the first peoples almost everywhere would be “Negroid.” Some European archeologists acknowledge that fact as well like Godfrey Higgins, who in Anacalypsis observed:
    “We have found the Black complexion or something relating to it whenever we have approached the origin of nations.”
    Anacalypsis, an Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis, or, An Inquiry Into the Origins of Languages, Nations, and Religions (1836; Brooklyn: A&B Book Publishers, 1992) 286.
    That was my point exactly, which corresponds to the dominant paradigm, i.e. the “out of Africa” theory.
    There is no backtracking, but only fact tracking, which is what a researcher does. You seem to have lost track of many facts. Read, study, research, travel and maybe you will find that track. As for your lost identity, I understand that you are such a fan of DNA because you probably took a test to try to find your own origins. Either that or you want to. If you give that the power to define your identity then more power to you. I would like to ask you though, when you got those results did you research the process? Or did you blindly accept the results that the pale faced colonizer gave you? Do you even know how DNA analysis works? Can you read a DNA chart or a scientific journal about DNA or do you just accept it because it came from the colonizer? Have you ever researched or been to a DNA lab to see how they arrive at such conclusions about people’s origins? Probably, not, you just accept their theory because it came from the colonizer, but you dispute and harangue anyone who states facts about the Black presence and Black civilizations worldwide. I don’t ascribe to Afro centric thought because I understand that term to be a nebulous classification of the colonizers. I don’t ascribe to Euro centric thought either, as y as you do because I understand that as an ideology which seeks to reduce the contributions of Black toward civilization. I don’t classify myself by the terms of the colonizer like you do. You probably call yourself African-American, but are you really an African? Do you don’t speak an African language? Do you retain African customs, practice an African religion, or wear African dress? How could you call yourself or use the term African as a prefix in front of American if you answered no to those questions? You accept that term “African-American” because the colonizer gave that identity to you and defined you according to his terms. You should check out a book called “Black Skin, White mask” by Frantz Fanon because it is obvious you do care about skin color enough to comment in such a dissenting and dismissive way to people cite the Black presence in early civilizations. Regarding your accusation that I have used pure theory, what theory have I used other than historical record and scientific inquiry, i.e. the “out of Africa” theory? Personally, I call it a theory because until someone finds older bones elsewhere the theory stands. You on the other hand have used pure theory and speculation, called DNA to define your whole existence. Your statement: “Most of your comments was”, is lazy ungrammatical English. Rather, my statement is that your comments were and are actually uninformed, undocumented and uninteresting. Finally, there is no backtracking. What I said remains, which is that the original Arabs and Persian are Black.

  96. Olusegun Ayadi says:

    What is your take on Mauritius? I was reliably informed that the same situation holds there.

  97. Olusegun Ayadi says:

    What is your take on Mauritius? I was reliably informed that the same situation holds there.

  98. Rmy Lisa P says:

    Thing is these. Countries are African……… they see themselves as there country… an not African
    Met an Algerian….
    Me…. Where u from
    Him….. Algeria
    Me….. Oh so you African.
    U can hear the hesitate in his undervoice..
    Him… eh.. Yeah..Algerian
    He rather associate with his country rather be associated with Africa…………..

  99. Rmy Lisa P says:

    Though, he did say African, towards end of that particular conversation with hesitate, it goes to show. The attitude an hate.. arrogance, upon multiple decades, of racism, integerated, whte supremacy is alive and always WILL be, while these beast, have control over our lives… Just from one small questions where u from….Can say a lot about a person And there responce

  100. dude !! we are not raciste dont trust this stupid article .. i have many black friends I call them brothers .. stop this shit we dont give a fuck about our ancestors we are who we are and we are who we decides to be. so befor being arab or a mixte off other shit we are humans. you are the racist now .. there is a lot of stupid people in morocco but you must see things the way they saw it ( a lot of black are in morocco in a illegal way they steal people they agress they pass the night in the street .. and our governement is off .. trust me we are all black to this fucking governement) I AM MOROCCAN AND I CALL BLACK PEOPLE BROTHER

  101. Sarah Belabbes says:

    Well, first of all black people aren't mistreated as the article cited a lot of people coming from sub-Saharian countries have businesses in North Africa and are very integrated within the community. Secondly, before Islam and Arab conquered North Africa, they weren't black people in that region they were Berbers which are white of skin. So, before people start commenting and also writing articles, get first your facts right.

  102. Elmasrey says:

    in egypt when we see a beautiful girl we tell her samara no Hostile Toward Black Peoplein egypt alot of song in egypt for black womens We are proud we are african

  103. Agwunanenu Tobechukwu Michael says:

    Leonard Vaughn Dwayne Speed sounds like a confused personality to me. Not to mention the Elijah Mohammad thing…..Oouch! Seriously!

  104. Deron Holland
    if this isn't enough, I don't know what is …
    I didn't take any genetic tests so I can't tell you my ethnic mixture. Maybe I do have black ancestors, I do know I have southern spanish ancestry but none of that matters !! And we want to create a world where none of that matters in africa and everywhere !
    people of all skin shades shouldn't be treated badly anywhere in the world.
    In morocco Africans should not be treated badly and they are not, that is why i said this article is shit, but not because it's "their own land" Who are you to decide whose land this is ? Because last time i checked, the deeds to my land had my name on it. And every inch of morocco's 700.000square Km belongs to moroccans: black, white brown, mixed, whatever…

  105. @Jaou, I'm not about to argue with someone who isn't concious, I'm done especially after you said Spanish blood. #brainwashed

  106. No no no you've got your head waay up your a** to be objective about the situation.
    You are clearly racist towards north Africans, you just don't accept that we exist. Why are you trying to make us something we are not ?
    What do you know about morocco besides what you read in this article ?
    Egypt is a civilization thousands of years old and guess what ? they were not black but they were AFRICANS.

  107. When we hear african, we often think of black people, so maybe there was hesitation because he does not know what you meant by african.
    And honestly as a moroccan I would rather not be labelled as "african" nor "arab".

  108. 1- All 5 north african countries are sovereign & independent.
    2- I can speak for all moroccans when i say that we don't like to be labelled as white, black or middle eastern. (Call a moroccan a middle eastern and you will know what I'm talking about)

  109. It happens but only towards people coming from the actual AFRICA where thousands of illegal migrants cross the border illegaly, they don't speak our language and know nothing about our culture, they can't get jobs so they steal or beg.
    You as an american would you dislike mexican illegal migrants because most of them are criminals or because they're mexican ?( I can only speak for morocco)

  110. If that's how you think, then you should get your ass back to africa.

  111. Rmy Lisa P says:

    Was talking in general we know who indigenous an who is not ….. was talking on on simple terms

  112. Rmy Lisa P says:

    Plus they don't see themselves as African so basically your just reinstating my opinion. …..

  113. Love Tashie says:

    Why waste your time on these arab invaders, they are like cancer…

  114. The Moroccan should get their assess kicked when they come to usa!! Tit for tat !!! Watever country in africa that has morraccan there should suffer!!!

  115. Byron Ahmad says:

    Jaou Ad we will accept that you guys exist once you guys accept that Israel exist.

  116. Byron Ahmad says:

    Jaou Ad just by that replied you agree that North Africa is occupied.

  117. Byron Ahmad says:

    their time is up, they gotsta go starting with the pale arab in egypt.

  118. Byron Shields Israel is as far away from me as the us is far from brazil.
    It's their problem.
    And I don't see any kind of resemblance because morocco IS actually a country. israel was founded in the 20th century, morocco's alaouite dynasty goes back to the 16th century.

  119. Byron Ahmad says:

    Jaou Ad I was making a comment, how you going to say egyptians wasnt black when we have pictures to prove it? and there are people in east africa still have that egyptian features?

  120. This is why when the europeans and Americans blow these arabs to pieces, I have no sympathy. They can all burn in hell with an atomic bomb up their asses. My brother went there years ago to train the Royal Saudi Airforce, and he said many of them are queer, they play footsey with each other under the table. he said he was shocked by their hypocritical behavior. Neanderthals, land invaders. They need to go back to the middle east and live like rock rabbits.

  121. Instead of cowering , those young, strong able-bodied black men should choose death before dishonor and stand up to fight back….courage is what we are missing.

  122. Arab mulatos speaking Arabic and thinking themselves to be sayyid! Let them go to Syria or Turkey and they will be just another kind of those they negatively label!

  123. Im black and im Egyptian. I have lived in Egypt for several years none of that crap happens there. Most of egypt is black. We are not divded bu race in egypt we are divided by religion. The only racist pos in Egypt are the arab families that live there or the Caucasian people that go there to visit. Smh these articles are full of crap

  124. Jaou Ad did you say the ancient egyptians were not black? u are brain washed…do more research on KMT.

  125. the sad part is so many black people follow islam like its so wonderful. the Abyssinian negus saved islam when he allowed the first group of Muslims to cross over into his kingdom after they were about to be slaughtered by the Meccans. Now look at what the arabs did? they have totally destroyed almost all of the African Kingdoms as reward. Arabs were enslaving black people LONG before europeans. Hvae to get away from these people white and arab. Oh and by the way Abyssinia was a christian nation..yes black people we knew about Christianity BEFORE American Captivity.

  126. Byron Ahmad says:

    Israel was taken by the romans and the romans renamed the state Palestine after the romans chased the jews out and the british later on regained the land and gave it to the jews.

  127. Good point, to wit that Africa is Africa. Libya, Egypt, Magrehbin countries are all in Africa so divide and conquer is doing its job very well. Prior to the 1900s and before the new movement of arabiyyah, they were all looked upon as 'abd' As we sow the same we will reap!

  128. What are you even talking about ?

  129. Tomi Brown You're comment is laughable, as I never said I was, I'm not lying to myself sweetness. I don't know what I am exactly, I have been told many stories about family history, but I don't care about that because I don't feel the need to be labelled as anything and as should you.
    I repeat this article is complete CRAP.

  130. It was Obama and the UN that murdered Blacks in Libya.

  131. Where's the government and law enforcements in these countries? They are no better than the people who carry on with the act of hatred towards another human being without provocation . disgust, disgrace and shame on all of them 7

  132. Jaou Ad Khosh ah medeed! I am sure I do not need to explain myself.

  133. That is because the people who occupy the land in these countries are not true Africans. They are like Americans. They got there when the Persians invaded and they stayed. Africa is not their home. Thanks are the left over ancestors of invaders.

  134. Tomi Brown says:

    Thank you Nadia, l don't know what's going on with the world today. People are so stuck up with color of anyone skin. What's up with that? The problem is the rich black folks are the worse kind. They look down on you like you're nobody. The world is mixing up and it's hard to be racist. I just know l will never bleach my skin to be lighter. I love being black and love Africa.

  135. Tomi Brown says:

    Stanton, l couldn't have said it better. I don't know why anyone wants to be pale skinned anyway. Thank you for saying that 🙂

  136. Tomi Brown says:

    Jaou Ad: I thought you're a white boy, what is it to you? 🙂

  137. Tomi Brown says:

    Byron Shields That's why we are in this situation because of you Israeli. You are lucifer's children causing trouble around the world. Who are you people mad at, why don't you pick a fight with them instead of causing havoc. You people are so arrogant in anything you do. "We will accept that you guys exist" You going to eat that sentence one day because it's not up to you what happens in the world. You are not even the REAL Hebrews but converted to Judaism.

  138. Jaou Ad You are a idiot.

  139. Kawsar Shire says:

    So much ignorance on this post, its hard to decipher.
    1) Racial superiority to people of black skin is a disgusting mentality that has/does exist in all non-black cultures , from Europeans to Arab culture. Its nothing new.
    2) People saying this is because of Islam? Many of these blacks in north African countries are also devout muslims themselves. Its not a religious issue its one of racial superiority.
    Im not Arab, I'm from Somalia 100% African and I have been treated both good and bad by Arab-Africans first hand. Some see themselves as purely Arab because its their culture and history while others see themselves as Arab-Africans due to geography etc. Black and African-Arab africans in north Africa face the same problems (dictatorships, poverty etc). Racism is disgusting but that shouldn't inspire a racist mob like mentality towards arab-africans are is does here. Reyan Mohamed

  140. Jaou Ad Your attitude and statements sounds very much like the racist republicans we American blacks have to contend with.

  141. Jaou Ad Your rhetoric is exactly like the racist ignorant republicans here in America talking about closing the borders and other none sense. Calling people criminals and treating them badly because they don't speak the language or try to assimilate into your culture. That same ignorant sickness is the same crap republican whites spew and try to sell to the rest of America. As a proud black I refuse to join in that kinda hate in my country and refuse to simpathize with people like you who do the same to blacks in your country as whites try to do to the mexicans in America. We blacks in America know what its like to be treated as second class citizens given our history here in america. We still fight police brutality n discrimination today so I personally refuse to do that to anyone else and hate racists here and a broad.

  142. Providence, I do understand that, but how do the people there self-identify themselves? They view themselves as a hodgepodge of White Arab, Berber and Bedouin and whether wholly accurate or not 99% of them believe that they have no Black African blood or links and to a large extent, those links were only relevant thousands of yrs ago. The makeup of those countries today is of white Arabs and Berbers. So with that being said, in an article about their feelings towards black people, its very clear that blacks do not represent a significant historical part of their nations today.

  143. " Local media outlets are also playing an important role in the increase of racism against the migrants." They said important.

  144. Benny Igwebe says:

    Funny how Africa was invaded from all sides and the invaders occupies our land has the temerity to bite the hands that feeds it The soil is African not Arab nor middle eastern we shall be very thankful if they can all leave enmasse to where they alll came from.

  145. Badr Zaki says:

    Wait! You're wrong, they don't blow us north africans! And they don't blow Middle Easterns as well! They only blow palestinians which are the nicest people in the world! And its Israel that blows the palestinians not Americans or Europeans! And to be honest with you Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates…) aren't racist at all because I think +40% of them are already black (by black I just meant of african decent!)

  146. Badr Zaki says:

    Wait, Somalia is an arab country as well, so as Djibouti I think! And by the way, I totally agree with what you said!

  147. Badr Zaki says:

    Tomi Brown Just about your reply to Jaou Ad; Moroccan People are a mixture of Black, Brown, and Whites! For example in a classroom you find a lot of types! Here are some examples:
    White people with either black, green, or blue eyes, and either black, brown, or blonde hair!
    Brown people!
    And Black people!
    There are even gingers!
    This country is a mixture of all genetics accept for one: the asian race (like china)!
    Not just that, the land and weather are mixed as well! In Morocco there are big green forests, snow mountains, and desert as well!

  148. Joshua Beldo says:

    All of these people who are targeting the indigenous africans of the continent whether in North which is obviously moor prevalent are as described in the ancient texts as Muwallad/Bastards of the party, they are'nt the original arabs or berbers or africans, they are bastards, the prophet Muhammad whole family were as black as tar and so was all of the original egyptians, berbers, moors, and arabs, so all of you mulatto arabic speaking bastards go back to your pale albino mothers who slept with our noble black fathers that you bastards and you turn against your black fathers and mothers in our own land you bastard fake arab/berbers, you are bastards, and they hate you halfbreed bastards in Europe they hate you muwallad bastards they call all of you francophone fake berbers beur in France and they hate you, the moors who ran europe from 711 to 1492 were as black as tar , they were great the moors but should of never slept with the white slave harem to produce to half/breed bastards now acting like if ya'll were the indigenous peoples of north africa, i'm tired of these mixed muts always targeting us proud blacks.All of the mixed muwallads in the cities of north africa half breed bastards, the real moroccans, algerians, libyans, tunisians, and egyptians, are in the south because they were pushed their with the help of the west.

  149. So you think you aren't and that my brotha is the illusion.

  150. he didn't mean non-Black though

  151. Charlie Willock They are of non-Black Arab descent.

  152. Harkouk Tomuast SPPEEAAKKK!!!!! 100%

  153. Think I'm not what ? My father is African American. My mother is Egyptian from Aswan. If you knew anything about the geography of Egypt you would know aswan is one of the few Nubian provinces left in northern Egypt. Lived in Egypt for several years. Unlike many African Americans who have never been there. I'm not talking out of the side of my neck.

  154. Joshua Beldo says:

    Inshallah if i ever visit Morocco,i just want to meet the Gnawa and black berbers in Essaouira and Marrakech.To me those are the real African Moroccans who are the true inheritors of the history of Al Andalus and the Moors who once ruled Spain and many parts of Europe,and they were all described as black.So I know modern are fake and I see why they hate on the real Africans.

  155. Joshua Beldo says:

    I agree brother.

  156. Jaou Ad and you get mad when the Europeans see the maghrebin (in Europe) as if they were from another planet. Tamazigh are the true North African but one would not know that due to this concept of arabiyyah being the norm.

  157. You are just making this up aren't you(?) Pathatic!

  158. Joshua Beldo says:

    Mehdi Boutaleb ask your mother,half breed.

  159. Joshua Beldo says:

    go read a book half breed.go back to europe which you worship fake african/french whatever you fake call yourself today.

  160. If the brethren were united, we can handle this problem, and all our problems. West coast africa there is an epedemic of skin bleaching. I mean if we hate our beautiful black skin, how can we expect others to like it. I think, maybe I am wrong, but I think africa needs "black is beautiful" revolution.

  161. really God gave us a nice skin, but some people are not satisfied and are not respecting their true color. you can see people like that some time are very stupid and don't know themselves.

  162. long live Africa, long live Black people.

  163. Kamil Zygma says:

    Jaouad Debboun Israel was there looong before you were born. This country belongs to one of the oldest on Earth, just it changed the name.

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