Mathew Knowles Lays to Rest All Talk of a Strained Relationship with His Two Famous Daughters

Mathew Knowles denies rumors that he has a strained relationship with his superstar daughters Beyoncé and Solange, saying he is in contact with them regularly and proving it with a thread of text messages.

“I’ll only say that I communicate with my daughters weekly,” he tells Fox 26 Wednesday, May 17. “I would describe my relationship with my daughters as ‘loving.'”

Bey severed her management relationship with Knowles in 2011 and the Destiny’s Child founder also has been hit with paternity lawsuits. He split with Tina Knowles, his wife of 31 years, that same year.

Since then, tabloids have described his relationship with Bey as “explosive” and “estranged,” which Knowles denies, but he acknowledges there have been ups and downs.

To prove his bond with Bey is now solid, he showed a Fox 26 reporter a text message thread between him and his “Lemonade” record-maker daughter.

“He can say, ‘I saw this, y’all are full of s—!’ ” Knowles says. “Do you think [Beyoncé and I] communicate? I don’t care what people say. … I just want them to say the wrong thing now and I’m gonna see them in court.”

Although Beyoncé shared a photo of her mother, father and sister on Instagram last year declaring her love for them, blogs and talk shows have reported Knowles is banned from the delivery room when she gives birth to her twins.

“That’s a lie,” Knowles says of the rumor. “There’s a difference between a rumor and a lie. That’s a bold lie.”

While Bey has been publicly praised for her career for years, Knowles says he’s a bit prouder of Solange, who scored her first Grammy for “Cranes In the Sky,” “because she did it her way.”

“In the beginning, we wanted to mold her into this pop star and that is not who she is and we were wrong,” Knowles says. “I was wrong, the record labels were wrong and she had a record deal and she said, ‘I don’t want it,’ and she wanted to do it her way, and she did.”

Aside from his management of the girl group Blush and continuing his job as a professor at Texas Southern University, he’s also gearing up to launch an international play about Destiny’s Child from his perspective. Idris Elba is set to take on the role of Knowles.

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