Solange Drops Two New Visuals Off Highly Acclaimed ‘Seat at The Table’ Album 

Solange in the "Don't Touch my Hair" music video (Columbia Records screenshot)

Solange in the “Don’t Touch My Hair” music video (Columbia Records screenshot)

Solange released her newest album A Seat at The Table Sept. 30, and this weekend she brought out two new videos for the record that explore the American Black experience.

In clips for her songs “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch my Hair,” the singer provides stellar visuals for viewers.

The “Cranes” video sees Solange with her voluminous hair flowing freely as she dances alone in various indoor and outdoor spaces.

“I tried to change it with my hair,” she sang of distancing herself from her Blackness.

“It’s like cranes in the sky,” Solange croons on the chorus. “Sometimes I don’t want to feel those metal clouds.”

Other scenes depict the socially conscious star swaying and dancing with other Black performers unified by dresses joined by a single fabric or similarly styled nude undergarments.

Solange gives a more literal message on “Don’t Touch My Hair.”

Throughout the clip, the singer-songwriter is seen rocking a few styles birthed and popularized from Black and African culture. They include finger waves, beaded micro braids and traditional Nigerian hairstyles.

“Don’t touch my hair when it’s the feelings I wear,” she sang on the opening line.

“They don’t understand what it means to me,” Solange crooned before the chorus. “Where we chose to go, where we’ve been to know.”

Since Table‘s release, the record has received massive praise from fans and critics alike.

The album earned a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on iTunes, and NBC News deemed it “a sonnet for the soul.”

Brad Johnson said he “always appreciated” what Solange stood for and noted she “hit it out of the park” with her newest release in four years.

DashDoll used the album as her Monday motivation.

Keith called the LP “pure artwork.”

Many celebrities praised the album, too.

Scandal” star Kerry Washington said she was “obsessed” with Solange’s new visuals.

Singer Melanie Fiona called them “breathtaking.”

Tracee Ellis Ross paid homage to her “spirit sister” by recreating Solange’s album artwork.

Meanwhile on Instagram, big sister Beyoncé gave Solange a shout out.

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