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N.Y. Native Hopes to Redefine Black Spirituality with Photographed Tarot Cards

New York native Fontaine Foxworth remembers her guarded childhood and close relationship with Christianity as a Jehovah’s Witness.

“Growing up in a Black household with a restrictive religion, [it] took away my own sense of spirituality.” Foxworth said.

Foxworth’s hindered sense of spirituality flourished during her time at Brooklyn College, where she received her B.A. Now, she is the founder and CEO of Brown Girl Inc., a lifestyle company that works to empower and uplift brown and Black women.

“The discussion and dissection of Black spirituality is lacking. We’re expected to stick with one strict mold of religion. It cuts us off from understanding other modes of spirituality.” Foxworth said.

Brown Girl Inc. is pioneering the world’s very first photographed tarot card deck, entirely inspired by Black and brown women. Since starting the brand, Foxworth said she has been able to build lasting friendships that center around aspects of spirituality, healing and positive affirmation.

“I created Brown Girl [because of] my own individualistic desire to bring women together because we need unity,”  she said. “Black women, and women period, we’re going to be taking the lead in this world, politically and socially.

“I wanted to be an ambassador for bringing us together and giving us representation.”

The deck includes 78 photographed, satin-finish cards grouped into two parts: Major Arcana (representing our biggest obstacles) and Minor Arcana (representing baby steps). The cards exclusively feature Black and brown women, one being Foxworth’s sister.

“I wanted to give something to women. I haven’t seen a deck that is entirely Black, fem, queer or only women,” Foxworth said. “I want marginalized people to look through the deck and see themselves.”

Foxworth hopes to soon own her own Brown Girl Inc. truck, called “Melanade Stand,” where she is able to sell her products. For now, she is working to relaunch her Brown Girl Tarot campaign through GoFundMe. She hopes to uplift and empower marginalized women through self-love, self-expression and spirituality.

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