Jordan Peele on Black Narratives: ‘We Will Tell Good Stories Just Like Anybody Else’

Jordan Peele hopes to make four more social thrillers in the next decade. (Facebook)

Jordan Peele’s successful satirical racial thriller “Get Out” has finally made him realize his dream of directing and he’s not looking back.

The former “Key and Peele” star was honored as director of the year at the annual theater owners’ convention CinemaCon Thursday, March 30 and he wants to keep diving into filmmaking.

When asked if his sketch comedy career is over, Peele replied pointedly.

“Yes,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I want to focus on writing, directing and producing.”

Peele’s commitment to the craft has been taking shape for years as he initially began writing “Get Out” years ago, but sketch comedy led to his successful “Key and Peele” series with Keegan-Michael Key. Peele isn’t longing for those days, however, as “Get Out,” which follows a Black protagonist’s weekend trip to his white girlfriend’s parents’ house that quickly turns into his worst nightmare, has earned $156 million to date worldwide after being made on a $4.5 million budget.

“When you give Black voices a platform and the opportunity to tell our story, we will tell good stories just like anybody else,” Peele said of Black narratives like “Get Out” and “Hidden Figures.” “The power of story and the power of a well-crafted film or television show is really all you need to speak to people. I think Hollywood is sort of catching up to that. We’re at the beginning of a renaissance where people are realizing Black films can not only work at the box office, but they can work because there’s been a void.”

Peele said he’s had doors open for him to direct and write more social thrillers, which could include a rumored gig directing Warner Bros.’ “Akira” remake, although a representative for the company said he couldn’t “provide any guidance on this speculation” in an email sent Thursday, March 30.

“There is a feeling of opportunity that is truly amazing,” Peele told THR. “I’ve been in Hollywood for 14 years — 14 years of closed doors and the grind. So, to feel the energy coming from inside the industry, let alone from the country, is just one of the best feelings. …

“I really want to continue to nurture my own voice. I love writing, so I’m not in any rush.”

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