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Eddie Murphy Plays with Twitter Users’ Hearts by Teasing ‘Coming to America’ Sequel

Eddie Murphy, as Prince Akeem Joffer, came up with the story for “Coming To America” and also produced the film. (Paramount Pictures)

Eddie Murphy hasn’t been a box office smash in years, so when he posted a rare tweet about a possible sequel to “Coming To America,” fans naturally were delighted about the possible return to form.

The comedian, or his social media manager, tweeted a screenshot of Vanessa Bell Calloway as Imani Izzi, the gorgeous young African woman groomed since birth to wed Murphy’s Prince Akeem in the hit 1988 film. The teaser was later deleted.

Most of Murphy’s fans and followers were thrilled about the possibility of a “Coming to America” follow-up, which has given the Black community plenty of memorable scenes that have now been cemented online in hilarious meme form. Given Murphy’s minimal Twitter presence, which, before he deactivated his account, reportedly consisted of mostly retweets praising his critically panned drama “Mr. Church,” the excitement was warranted.

Some weren’t as enthusiastic.

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