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Charles Blow Strikes Down Actor’s Claim That Biracial Twins Are ‘Beautiful Answer to White Supremacists’

Columnist Charles M. Blow tore down actor Mark Ruffalo’s claim that biracial twins will dismantle white supremacy.

Blow responded to Ruffalo’s Friday, March 10, tweet that praised a set of twins, one who is pale with red hair and another who is darker-skinned with black, curly hair, as “the universe’s beautiful answer to white supremacists.” The tweet linked to an article of the same name that showcased several sets of twins who also look drastically different from one another.

“In the end, the two kids in every picture will be their own people, with different interests and different talents,” the Daily Kos entry read. “But, one thing we can all know about these kids is that they understand, down to their tiniest genetic atoms, that race is just a construct because in the end we are all brothers and sisters in this life.”

Blow slammed the notion, saying the way to break down white supremacy is to end it in “all its forms,” which would include finally terminating the over-incarceration of Black Americans.

“I shouldn’t need a white twin for that,” he added.

Blow has called out Hollywood’s absurd beliefs about racism before. In August 2016, he slammed Tinseltown icon Clint Eastwood’s statement that people calling out bigotry is just everyone “making a big hoodoo out of it.”

“It is fascinating to me and, in fact, supremely insulting when people who were never subjects of the bitterness and pain and subjugation of racism to tell people who were that you should just get over it,” Blow said on “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.”

Several Twitter users also disagreed with Ruffalo’s tweet.

Others cited history and their own experience to explain why the idea of biracial people ending racism was untrue.

Some sided with Ruffalo’s “all you need is love” mentality, whose voice against racism rose to prominence in January 2016 when he discussed #OscarsSoWhite.

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