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8 thoughts on “Oscar Nominee Mark Ruffalo Speaks Out: ‘This Is Bigger Than the Oscars, U.S. Rife with White Privilege Racism’

  1. Gee Allen says:

    And George Clooney, they are speaking out.

  2. Javari Nama says:

    Preach. Let's just keep it real. Whites know they get privileges. Sometimes they don't get the privileges they want so they say none exist. Wrong and completely illogical. Whites just don't want to give up privileges because they have had them for so long they don't even realize that they have them. It's not all about money either. They get the death penalty less. White women get more welfare. They get more bank loans. Cops treat them better. They take all of this for granted. Most whites simply think they deserve more because they believe they are superior to people of color. It gived whites a collective phony self-esteem. It is ingrained into them from birth when children see the existing privileges intact from institutional racism now and overt racism in the past. The children then falsely assume they were obtained through legitimate means and that the abnormal is normal. They then proceed to maintain the status quo at the expense of ALL people of color on the planet. Of course this doesn't impact Jews at all who are viewed differently by whites.

  3. Carl Hewitt says:

    "Protestant work ethic"

  4. AND he's a big Bernie Sanders supporter. Could this guy get any better? He knows what time it is.

  5. Gene Peyroux says:

    This isn't just the US, it's worldwide. Racism is a hallmark of the global network of corporate control's methodology. It achieves division, chaos, and injustice that, as it turns out, are all highly profitable. Until capitalism is dissolved or someone figures out how to surgically remove greed from the human brain, it's not likely we'll see real social/economic reformation in our lifetime. Is it a matter of developing ways to make peace profitable and war a liability? Are the means to acheive this end available without tumultuous strife and bloodshed? Science has shown through DNA research that we are all related, all the same. Is the world ready to realize it?

  6. @ Gene, I agree that racism is a worldwide social, religious, and economic problem. The USA is suppose to be the leader of equality from the birth of this nation and leaders like MLK Jr. speaking on injustice. But, the true ugly cycle of greed and racism have embraced the American way of being. Injustice is in our schools, jobs, housing practices, businesses, mass media, penial system, churches, etc. . . . The conflicting thing is that in the USA, we do have the stories of success from rags to riches or unbelieveable come back scenarios. That's why there is space in the media to report current injustices. BUT, this is 2016. THIS IS 2016!!!!!!!! Are we dim witted or has the sin of racism eaten all our mental capacity to see the horrible lack of humanity?

  7. I see something coming and it's not good. worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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