Jaden Smith Wants to Blow Your Mind With These Odd But Interesting Facts

Actor and performance artist Jaden Smith took viewers on a strange and educational journey with a video spouting facts about humans, fruit and the Earth.

The clip, titled “Jaden Smith Blows Your Mind,” features the star of the upcoming drama “Year in a Life” reciting peculiar realities in a voiceover. As the 18-year-old reacted quizzically, he occasionally voiced his reactions in a monotonous way.

“The human brain takes in 11 million bits of information every second but is aware only of 40,” Smith says as scratches his head.

“If you add up the total amount of hours that ‘World of Warcraft’ players have played the game, it comes out to over 6 million years,” Smith says with a chuckle. “I actually play ‘World of Warcraft,’ so that’s pretty funny.”

Other facts include that humans share 50 percent of their DNA with a banana and that if a hole were drilled into the center of the earth, a person could jump through it and reach the other side in 42 minutes.

Twitter had a field day with the Vanity Fair-produced clip, poking fun at Smith.


Some felt woke by the visual.


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