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Top 10 Most Segregated American Cities Are Considered the Most Liberal and Inclusive

Racial segregation in American cities isn’t a new occurrence, but a 2013 study revealed that segregation rates in cities have remained relatively unchanged over the years. The study conducted by professors John Logan and Brian Stults at Brown University and Florida State University showed that Los Angeles, Boston, St. Louis and other cities that have a high concentration of liberals are overwhelmingly segregated.

That means Black people are kept out of the best housing, schools and economic centers just because of where they live in the city.

Logan and Stults’ study utilized 2010 census data to determine a city’s score ranging from 60 to 100. Cities with a score of 60 and higher are considered extremely segregated. The data showed that many of the top 10 cities have¬†large Black populations and tend to be in the northern region of the United States.

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