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Top 10 Most Segregated Cities in the US

Is racial segregation in America really a thing of the past? According to a 2013 report by professors John Logan and Brian Stults at Brown University and Florida State University, racial segregation rates are still very high in the United States. Analyzing the 2010 Census data, Logan and Stult evaluated segregation in major cities using a dissimilarity index. The dissimilarity index measures the percentage of one group that would have to move to a different neighborhood to put an end to segregation. A score of 60 and above on the dissimilarity index is considered extremely high. Below are the results of the top ten most segregated major cites in the U.S.:

Los Angeles latino

10. Los Angeles, Calif. Los Angeles has Black-white dissimilarity score of 65.0. White people live mostly on the coast around Santa Monica and Brentwood, and the north side of the city beginning with Hollywood Hills. The map below shows the racial lines of Los Angeles. The red dots represent white people, blue represents Black, orange represents Hispanic, green represents Asian, and yellow is other, according to maps of 2010 Census data by Eric Fischer.

Los Angeles map

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174 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Segregated Cities in the US

  1. James Walls says:

    Not surprising

  2. Larry D Brooks says:

    Born and raised here, love my city , those that don't we have four exits to choose from (8mile, telegraph, cadieux, and the Detroit river

  3. Juanita Waller says:

    This doesn't surprise me, still racist America

  4. Ivan Gill says:


  5. Ivan Gill says:


  6. Sam Hasan says:

    Separate but equal was never a problem. The issue is and always will be the level and quality of services. If different groups of people want to live I their own hoods, no issue. Just don't deprive us of quality services, bc that's where you have problems.

  7. I was rather surprised at New York … its such a melting pot I did not think it would come near the top 10…

  8. Larry D Brooks says:

    No they left for the same old reason increase increase in the black population and thats cool but what pisses me off is now they want to move back in, so wjat they're doing is push alot of bad press about the city which drives down property value. So along they come buying it up cheap and for now just sitting on it and wsiting?

  9. No they left for the same old reason increase increase in the black population and thats cool but what pisses me off is now they want to move back in, so wjat they're doing is push alot of bad press about the city which drives down property value. So along they come buying it up cheap and for now just sitting on it and wsiting?

  10. Devan Clark says:

    We are a bunch of Hypocrites, half of you on here screaming racism dont want to live in half of these areas around Black folks yourself..I live in Brooklyn , as usaul the nicest areas here are white and that is a reality. Black neighborhoods here in Brooklyn can be really dangerous and I know this for a fact . if I was was white and had a higher income I wouldnt live around us either, Note I said if I was white. I love my people , but we spend to much time denying the reality of how most Black neighborhoods are. We Sh***t where we eat. I see it everyday . We got to stop screaming F ing racism everythime white folks dont want to be around us, when the truth is half of us dont want to be around us..lets get our crap together and quit crying about not being able to sit next to white folks on the toilet…

  11. Charisse A Hill says:

    I am black and I haven't done any of those things that you have mentioned.

  12. Sundiata Keita says:

    im shocked, especially at that last 3 or 4. the last 4 are like, yep we aint gone F with each other, we not gone even act like it.
    i support black people being independent though, financially, socially, and politically. dont even play the game.

  13. RL YD says:

    WTH??? How did Atlanta not make this list???

  14. Paul Driggers says:

    So this is white people's fault? lol

  15. Larry D Brooks says:

    No those are FACTS paul, now go somewhere else and try diverting the topic

  16. Paul Driggers says:

    Larry D Brooks The "fact" is that white people are talking down black neighborhoods to drive down the price? You don't think it's the black people living there and tearing the place up that does that?

  17. Larry D Brooks says:

    We dont own the news stations and media outlets that put the shit on t.v. every night as a constent reminder, thats what's driving down the value as of right now. It's common playbook stuff don't act like you unaware

  18. Paul Driggers says:

    Larry D Brooks Yeah, the news media who hire people to commit crimes to make black neighborhoods look bad. So it's not what is going on that bugs you, it's that it makes the news?

  19. Larry D Brooks says:

    No it's that it makes the news that bug me, it why it does, why not surpress it like when its done in the suburbs when the story is not favorable

  20. Devan Clark What about when they went through hell and high water, to stop intergration, and we were good, compare to now, we were very good. So, please stop making excuses for these racist. They do not want to be around us, because they stole our money, from our ancestors, and they just don't feel very comfortable being around us holding our money. The problems of black people, started with white people. Just like in Africa. Bottomline, we will never be at peace among them, no matter what.

  21. You mean to tell me, not a one of the major slave holding states are not in the upper ten? Like Louisiana and Mississippi. If anyone would ask me, I would have to say all of them. If that is not the truth, someone need to enlighten me, tell me what is the difference between, not as racist, and racist.

  22. Devan Clark you might be a hypocrite but I'm not. Racists no never, I grew up in a racist city to.Chicago,so what's the point. White people didn't want us to go to the same school,they call blacks welfare queens and they are just as bad as us.Really what's the point you need to do some research man than post something on here…

  23. Roxanne Watson says:

    If you don't understand SUPREMACY you won't understand what you see. The issues in the black community are symptoms of the problems created by racism, prejudice and or white ppl. And crime is a social issue not a black issue. It's crime in every ethnic neighborhood but since black crime is less tolerable then white it's reported biasedly. You would think after all these years we wouldn't have to keep explaining this s… However, black folk need to stop looking at themselves like everybody else does. When Mexicans, Jewish, Italians etc live amongst themselves they're not racist or hypocrites. In fact Ive never heard of them allowing other groups of ppl to control those areas nor do you see a certain group of ppl trying to takeover those areas. They have crime issues just like everybody else but they don't blame themselves for it. We do a better job criminalizing our ppl then the oppressor does, self hatred, inferiority disorder, etc. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with black ppl solving our own problems some of us are still confused on the problem. And if you have the wrong definition the solution will also be wrong. A lot of black ppl suffer from post traumatic slave disorder and white ppl just as well. It wouldn't matter what black folks do white ppl will have a problem with it. (see Black Wall street)
    Integration was never for us. It was a plan of destruction, are we gonna make the same mistake again? White folks don't have to live with black folks and don't want to. It's not about living with us but rather taking from us. I live in Detroit so you may not understand that. You can't destroy the labor force, the public school, divest in business and development, and with hold money for services and not expect a major break down. It's the starving of the beast. And then racism comes in and starts pointing to chaos saying see how these negroes do. That's Supremacy. I don't expect many to understand it.

  24. Robert Michael Hall says:

    Yall are on b.s. black ppl screamin racism r u fucking serious? Its 2014 ppl wake up not many ppl give a shit anymore the black ppl screaming racism are most likely racist themselves. Personally idc what color u are but if u want to live in a shit hole keep doin what ur doing. If u dont do something about it and quit cryin like a baby. Most ppl dont give a fuck anymore. Quit bringin up old shit fuck!!!!

  25. Nzingha Shabaka I'm Canadian so this list of 10 cities is educational and appalling to me. I'm not racist – we weren't brought up to talk about colour although we were taught history and the news. Ok, you might think that's only my family, but it isn't. But I'm "white" so you lump me and thousands, millions of good people of any colour who are not racist. Yet you and so many other black (sorry, we call them black in Canada) have no problem using "white people" in a sentence. This is new to me. This is disturbing. I've taken it for a couple of years because I needed to learn. This is the first time in my life that I am saying what I am saying now: the ONLY racist, hateful, bigoted, ethnocentric, downright scary comments/statements/postings on FB have been from black people (African Americans) towards white people or gay people or jews. That is racism. So please, call yourself a racist. Own it. If you don't want white people around you, communicating with you, if you don't want us as friends, proclaim it for all to hear. Say it: "I hate white people". Get it out in the open. I, for one, am tired of the double standards but mostly, I am so disappointed. I am 55 years old. Is it getting better? Hell no. So go ahead and forget recent history, all the "white people" who fought for civil rights, all the "white people" who lost their lives, got beaten up, thrown in jail. Go all the way back to the slave days and forget about the "white people" who provided safe haven for runaway slaves. Go back and wipe us out. Is it better? You tell me. Nobody I know who is not black would ever say "black people". We don't use the "n" word. We are careful with our language. Yet racist comments, hateful comments, about "white people" is de rigeur. You think it's perfectly ok. Most "white people" are done with racism. When are you going to be? I understand there's baggage. I understand the history. I'm not stupid. But there is a disconnect and we have to address it. But first, admit that you are racist and we can go from there. Let's go back to square one. But hear me loudly and clearly. I am not, have never been, will never be a racist. Nor are my friends. I'll be damned if I'm not going to call one out when I see one, no matter what colour they are. You are a racist.

  26. Nzingha Shabaka OK. Miss please list ten things WE can do right now to improve the situation in black neighborhoods?

  27. Larry D Brooks So why aren't black people buying up the properties?

  28. Why cant you educate your own children? Why would you want to send your kids to white schools anyway?

  29. lol NY is so bad with this shit.

  30. Do black people educate their kids? NO. Do we trade with each other? NO. Do we learn about our ancient gods? No we just worship white mans god and Arab god. Do black people have an organised community leadership? NO. Do black people invest in their community? NO But here we are blaming the white man. If we fix the shit on this list nobody will care what whites think of us.

  31. When drug dealers make a million do they build a bakery in the community and hire other blacks? No. Black Americans make more money than any other black group in the world. How much have you invested in Africa? Zero. Did you know my country Zimbabwe has the most diamonds in the world? and not one black American has come to Africa to get diamonds at wholesale price and sell them here for profit. WAKE UP! Do you think the Zimbabweans would trade diamonds with the Jews or with your black ass if you bothered to show up? Exactly my point. You eat chinese everyday but no black man is importing organic farm grown food from Africa. Geez man must I go on?

  32. It figures Detroit would come in at number one. But I wish they would stop referring to "Mexicantown" as a community. Mexicantown gets its name from the cluster of Mexican restaurants in one area. The proper name is southwest Detroit or Spanish Detroit and it has a large Hispanic community,hence the name "Spanish Detroit"….paz a todo

  33. Are you talking about me George Tutsirai Paunganwa if so my kids never went to a white school the only whites in there school was staff.

  34. Larry D Brooks says:

    We are, but not as fast as whites there's a little thing in america that insist that whites make more money just to ensure that the seperation can continue

  35. I wondered the same thing .. but you know there are a lot of cities that should have been on there .. but when I was in Atlanta I thought it was bad … but true racism is found in the Midwest … rebel flag carrying, morons but there are many of the white supremacy groups in these Ozark Mts… this can be a scary place …

  36. Paul Driggers says:

    Larry D Brooks Yeah, always white people's fault. If you fail at life, the only person you have to blame is the man in the mirror.

  37. Larry D Brooks says:

    I dont recall blaming anyone for individual outcome I'm just stating facts now if that gives you a guilt trip then maybe you should check out a mirror!

  38. Paul Driggers says:

    Larry D Brooks Don't confuse my ridiculing of your "blame whitey" attitude with a guilt trip. You are just a stereotype: probably made any number of bad decisions in life, and as long as you can blame white people, it's never your fault, so you never have to improve. Meanwhile you have brothers like George a few posts back who seem to be doing quite well, even though he seems to have come here as an immigrant. Does it bug you seeing immigrants of all colors lap you and leave you in the dust?

  39. Larry D Brooks says:

    No it doesn't because of the tax breaks and freebies they get when they get here, but nice failed attempt at the insult though. Which by way is standard behavior when you have no point

  40. Larry D Brooks Tax breaks and freebies? Such as? Sounds like more excuse-making. If black Americans could sell excuses you could end black poverty. George Tutsirai Paunganwa, did you get any tax breaks or freebies for immigrating here?

  41. Paul Driggers says:

    Larry D Brooks You are a clown, bro. A clown. You have all the reasons in the world why everyone else does better than you, and not a single one is your fault.

  42. Larry D Brooks says:

    This is a rap, I don't talk insults I prefer substance. Later

  43. Paul Driggers says:

    Larry D Brooks You don't prefer substance, you prefer treating your line of make-believe as fact.

  44. Anonymous says:

    @Devan Brother, you need to curb your ignorance and self hatred. If you want to help those you are writing about, publicly disgracing them further than the major system has is NOT the way.

  45. Anonymous says:

    @ Devan Pt. 2 – and SO WHAT they don't want to be around us. Who the hell are they?!!!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Paul Driggers I believe as Larry D Brooks the media scare the hell out of working class people no matter the ethnicity to move away from the "boogeyman" and slip in taking advantage of unkempt properties or properties sold for dirt cheap. You know like Larry and I this practice has been going on for more than a few decades. Shocked we are hip to it, huh? LOL

  47. Nicole MacKenzie I have commented on statement like yours a few times, and I feel I am wasting my time, trying to tell people what a racist is. What I say and have said about racism, and using the word white/whites, does not mean all whites, but most, and I do recognize a few whites have been involved, and were involved in African people's civil rights, and our human rights that were violated being held as a slaves. Also, my comments are from the effects of racism on black people. What you are calling racism from blacks are reactions from being victims of racism. Your statement about blacks being racist on FB, keep reading. You say most whites are done with racism, that will never happen, because that is what keeps white supremacy working. You are the last person, to call blacks racist, even if you thought you knew what a racist is.

  48. George Tutsirai Paunganwa You are absolutely right. Why subject your poor little children to this abuse. Imagine the poor children going to the schools for the first time during intergration, being spit on, all kinds of stuff thrown on them, called all kinds of names. Look what we got for those children going trough that horror, and harrassment.

  49. I agree with Larry D Brooks. They are doing it in my town.

  50. Hey brother man, from Zimbabwe. I come to you in peace, and know that I, as a black born and raised in the hell holes of America, I love you and all African people. I praise and honor President Robert Magabe. Everything you have said, is true, but you must realize, most of us do not know how to run a business, unlike the whites who have always had the background to open businesses, thanks to black people held as a slave. Having said that, which is not the tip of the needle. But I want to go to Africa, preferably Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Gamba. As soon as I get the funds, I will be heading there. I never use phrases with African people, "Your black ass".

  51. Paul Driggers says:

    arapahos I guess that's why most of the inner cities, in what would be considered prime real estate for its convenience and location, are populated solely by blacks?

  52. Paul Driggers says:

    Ahyes, the make-believe world of news reporting, scaring gullible white people with staged footage and made-up stories about black criminals. Is that REALLY what you are going to do? Some of you have a really hard time dealing with reality. It is bordering absolute psychosis.

  53. Nzingha Shabaka I'm so sorry. I've been away since last night. I'm going to make a cup of coffee and then I shall respond. Forgive my bad manners. later…

  54. George Tutsirai Paunganwa and Mr. Nzingha Shabaka: I'm not going to have my coffee… I shall respond. I live in an historically black neighbourhood which is slowly being gentrified, i.e. other people – white, hispanics, etc., with money, are moving in. I am not black. I have taught in black neighbourhoods. I was one of those white teachers someone mentions below. I can't itemize ten things that would make the situation better. I say to us all – educate our children, teach them right from wrong (and racism would fall in to the wrong category), teach them history, not propaganda. We need to live in neighbourhoods where we care for one another. We need to do what Maya Angelou does, if anyone makes a racist joke or says anything racist, we ask them to leave our homes. Family, friend – it doesn't matter. Kids are not born racist. We all know that. Yes. White people held slaves. There has been slavery since man has existed and no, not all slaves were black. Some countries abolished slavery earlier than others – the U.S. was among the last, but not THE last. It is a sad fact that man kills man. Look at Rwanda. Look at Uganda. Let's talk about Joseph Kony, shall we? Yes, the civil war has been going on for a very long time. Perhaps he did a good job for a minute. Where is the outcry from American blacks who call themselves African American. If you care so much about Africa, why has it taken 15 years before the U.S. is sending 150 special troops – that is not a mistake, one hundred and fifty – to deal with Kony. Racism is beyond your backyard and beyond the deplorable history you have to deal with. I wish I could apologize for history, but I can't. I can only try to make it better. But why aren't you? You say I don't know what racism is. I do. I read it in your words. You say white people does not mean ALL white people, but most. That, sir, is racism. Do you know all white people?????? I do not know ONE white racist and I am a person who knows many people. I cannot write any more. This is breaking my heart. Trying to educate people who refuse to understand breaks my heart.
    Get off the "slavery" train. It happened. It was horrible beyond anything I can conjure in my imagination. But we live in 2014. It's time to fix the horrors that are going on today, among your people, today. Stop bitching, start acting. People are dying. Africans are dying. Americans are dying. Start bloody-well acting instead of hating.

  55. Roxanne, I could have a discussion with you. You make very valid points. I can only dispute one thing, as a white woman and it's a personal dispute, I realize. I have no problem living among my neighbours, who are black. it would break my heart if we could not live together. i don't know why you feel integration would not work. I know there are differences between us, but there are differences between all cultures. I live in a family (this is almost funny) -now this is my DIRECT family, my nuclear family: white, Afro-Cuban, Haitian, Japanese, Mauritian, Korean, Egyptian, 7-Nations (aboriginal) (and all the colours and religions that we typically associate with those countries). Has it always been easy? No. Has it required much work? Not much work, just a little. But we're no smarter than anyone else. One of the biggest "baggage" problems in our family was among two white groups, one of whom has hated the other since WWII. But we fixed it. That took work. Life takes work. Love sometimes doesn't come easily. But loving one another is the only thing that is going to get us out of this mess. I know Detroit is a mess. I think we can do it. I understand Supremacy, as you are talking about it. The notion, the belief, that one colour/nation/group/religion is superior over another is wrong. So even as some denounce it, they are also announcing their own supremacy. That's wrong.

  56. Nzingha Shabaka You're not racist? My eye. I answered you, see above. I hope you will get a chance to go to…. wow, how about the DRC. That's a place that's doing so well and is SO open!!! (sarcasm) Good freaking luck. Maybe in Africa you will find the fight you need to handle social injustice. You think things are bad here? I plead with you, take your funds and GO TO AFRICA. They need it! And no, I'm not being sarcastic. If that's where you heart is, go. Make a difference somewhere at least.

  57. Nzingha Shabaka It starts at home. Are you contributing to the problem? Because it starts with us, the adults. I'm not even sure there are "white" schools any more. I know in Montreal, there are NOT. (Unless they're private – and I'm guessing now.) White is a minority in the classroom. Ethnic is the majority. Every single public school in this city is multi-cultural. Every one. Maybe we have the answer. Maybe you should look north for solutions. (But not for how we treat our First-Nations. We have not done a good job there. But it's still better than what you've done, I guess.)

  58. Devan Clark says:

    Nzingha Shabaka What are you doing to make this any better?..Why are white folks racist because they choose to live around their own ,culture and people?.I dont make excuses for racist , Negros like you make excuses, because all you do is whine and complain about what white folks did to us ,while at the same time not doing anything at all to better you community. I live in a Black neighborhood by choice, because thats where I belong. But I am not going to make excuses for all the probelms we create for each other. I am about progress, not complaining about what a white person has not givin me. You Damn Africans are suppose to be an example for us American Blacks, but instead you still are fighting over dumb shit like what tribe is better and stealing economic AID when givin to you . I am Black every minute ,every hour and every day. So dont come to me with your self rightous bullshit because your mad at white folks, Do something then since you think you know better.

  59. Devan Clark says:

    Blacks like you annoy the Hell out of me….Who cares about you the individual? I am as Black if not Blacker than you and I dont do any of those things either . But dont sit up on some pedistal like you dont go into most Black neighborhoods and see the bullshit we does nothing to help our people as a whole..

  60. Anonymous says:

    Paul Driggers How do you end white poverty?

  61. Paul Driggers says:

    arapahos Well if I followed the example set by some people of your mindset, I'd blame someone else so when nothing got better I could at least say it wasn't my fault.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Nicole MacKenzie So NO "black" people with money are moving into the "gentrified" neighborhood. You people are funny as hell!!

  63. Anonymous says:

    Devan Clark Please go seek psychiatric help! I advise it out of love…

  64. Anonymous says:

    Nicole MacKenzie Why do you people like you ASSUME "black" people have family lineages of just "black"? Not very intelligent.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Nicole MacKenzie Why do you people like you ASSUME "black" people have family lineages of just "black"? Not very intelligent.

  66. Larry D Brooks I'm sorry. I don't know if Paul Driggers is white or another colour, but he was just itching for a fight, being ornery for no reason. Thank you for keeping it real. I didn't see these posts when I was on my rant. We can debate, we can believe what we believe, but hurling accusations that are "in the moment" aren't going to fix anything. White men DO make more money, not always when it's job against job, but because it's still a white man's world. I don't think it's to keep blacks separated from whites. But yes, white men usually get the top jobs, the CEO positions. (Women aren't getting them either but that's another discussion.) And yes, they get those positions because they went to the better schools, etc. So I still maintain that as a society we need to educate the kids… and you can read what I said below. Maybe I live in a dream world. I don't know. I know I've been fighting against racism all my life. So I have probably surrounded myself with like-minded people. I think it's possible to acknowledge the problems in black America, and to fix them, without putting racism as the number one issue. It's among the top ten, but just maybe it's not number one ?? idk

  67. Jason Townes French says:

    Nicole MacKenzie You almost had a point until this line:

    "the ONLY racist, hateful, bigoted, ethnocentric, downright scary comments/statements/postings on FB have been from black people (African Americans) towards white people or gay people or jews."

    C'mon, Nicole. You clearly have been on the Internet longer than that haven't you? FB (and the Internet in general) are breeding grounds for any kind of opinion. I don't think it's only limited to one race. It turns out EVERYONE is capable of being ignorant. You included 🙂

  68. Devan Clark says:

    You didnt read my post well..that is exactly what I am saying..who gives a Damn..?…Thats my point, we sit around crying white folks dont want to be around us.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Nzingha Shabaka What do you mean "most black" people do not know how to run a business. Get your head out of the media sand of the majority in America. Black people jumped from slave plantations to top business people, Inventors, doctors and lawyers with huge obstacles placed before them by a system that still exists today. What other people can make that claim – if we are going to do comparisons. The only reason desegregation came about is to slow us down; we were rolling like a mighty thunder.

  70. arapahos Pardon me? I don't understand your question. I must be dumb. Can you rephrase, please?

  71. Anonymous says:

    @Robert Michael Hall you sound like you are very familiar with "shit holes". Don't look down on the relatives you left behind.

  72. Anonymous says:

    The New York City I grew up in wasn't that way. I'm sure there were some psychotics who hated people based on ethnicity or religion but they were sensible to keep it contained so others can live in peace. For the newly arrived European immigrants who were mistreated by WASPs once they landed in Boston, NYC and other major cities in the northeast, they thought to keep the "bully" off them was to assimilate and treat other ethnicities – not just "blacks" as they were treated. By the time their 3rd generation came about and were struggling for fair housing, fair education and jobs – you would find some pockets of those major cities struggling with racial harmony.

  73. Jason Townes French says:

    @Devan: Having grown up in Brooklyn, NY, I've definitely seen what you're talking about. It's sad. But as I get older and evolve as a human I realize there's a lot more layers to it than I thought. "Physical slavery" ended sometime ago, but what we don't talk about as much is how the Mind is master over the Body, and the Minds of many blacks living in the US are still "enslaved". As much as I hate to admit it, I can even look at myself. Being "self-aware" of my own race, and what that can potentially means to others affects my behavior, my self-perception, and therefore how others perceive me.

    For example, I've lived a fairly privileged life for a black male in the US (statistically speaking). I went to prep school, graduated from an Ivy League college, didn't get caught up in the gang activity in my neighborhood, stayed off of drugs, moved to Silicon Valley and started my own tech company — yet if I show up at a hackathon in the classic tech nerd "hoodie and flip flops" there's still that voice in the back of my head "do I look like a 'thug' to someone? Will they not believe I know how to write computer code?"

    When you are raised not as a "minority", it's easier to feel "entitled" to the environment and resources around you — you have no reason not to! When you're raised as a minority, you experience things like having your mother tell you not to run down the street (playing), because you might "accidentally" get questioned by police. Or in academic/intellectual settings, you have to go out of your way to show that you're not ignorant. Or in relationships you need to show that you're not "aggressive" to balance out the stereotypes working against you.

    All of this has subliminal impacts on the psyche and inner psychology of a person. I'm fortunate to have been raised in such a way that I could detect a lot of leftover pain from previous generations, and hopefully learn from it and alchemize it into something positive (instead of internalizing it and becoming self-destructive).

    My point being though: Racism/Slavery still lives in the minds of just about everyone, and therefore it still lives. To change that, we would all have to change ourselves and how we look at ourselves and our fellow humans. Every line we draw separates the "one" from the "all". After hundreds of years of drawing these lines, to remove them one day and expect things to be different is to ignore that those lines are still there —in our minds — and our minds create our reality. This is one of the ways I believe how self-segregation and self-destructive behavior continues in black communities.

  74. Jason Townes French I should have clarified. MY FB experience… Yeah, I'm probably naive but that is my experience. And it did take me by surprise because they were friends of friends, so that's pretty close. And I know I'm ignorant in many, many things. You're also right in that regard. The only thing I know for sure is that I am not racist and I'm trying to figure this out.

  75. Paul Driggers says:

    Nicole MacKenzie lol Yeah,cast your lots with the fools. I'm sure black bus drivers love to hear white Canadians tell them they are "keeping it real". Too bad you can't give him a high-five.

  76. arapahos Sadly, the area I'm referring to is called Little Burgundy in Montreal. It became an issue that IT SEEMED that no black people were moving into the area and many long-established black families in the area were moving out. It became too expensive. (It's a VERY small area). Stores moved in, restaurants, condos and the residents in the condos were not black, the store owners were not black, etc. I can't say NO black people moved in because I don't know that for sure but I can almost be sure. I lived there long enough to know who was moving out and who was moving in. When you know your neighbourhood, you know what's going on. So a committee was out together to try to fix the problem. I'm not sure what's happened this past year. I moved out of that area and I now live just a little bit south. But I can certainly find out. I'm not making this up; you can do the research yourself. You can continue to insult me all you like. I am not taking our valuable time to tell you some b/s. I'm sorry you feel the need to call me and other stupid, ignorant and… phew, whatever. It doesn't matter. If that's how you engage in discussion, then I hope you're not a leader of anyone or anything.

  77. Devan Clark says:

    I love how when you critic your own people , you handkerchief head Negros call another Black man a uncle tom , self loathing or self most of you slave minded retards, I have traveled the world and got my education . I have a Degree, I have a minor in Afro/ American History. I am well versed in who I am.. I guess , Malcom x , Marcus garvey and WE. Dubois had self hatred also since they spent a large time speaking on the problems Black folks create in their own community. You dont know me nor what I do, I live what I preach …

  78. Devan Clark says:

    arapahos Your angry are you not?…What do you do to make things better for our people ?..Nothing Thats what, you troll the internet looking to complain about what white folks did to us because you feel powerless. I did something about my myself why dont you do the same?..Stop crying and fight them by uniting with your own people and make some changes to your community…?..You sound like a typical So called Negro with no passport , job or education .Fake pro black

  79. AND, I am using the terms "black" and "white" the same way everyone else is. That is a direct answer to your question, Arapahos. I assume what you all assume. A "black" area is populated by people who call themselves black. A "white" area is populated by people who call themselves "white". A "hispanic" area…. shall I go on? It's all written on the map… but I can go on…

  80. Paul Driggers says:

    Nicole MacKenzie Idiotic liberal stereotype…

  81. Jason Townes French I take the risk of sounding naive, but what do we do, then? How does someone like me (because I can only speak for myself) help to remove that mental weight from your shoulders; how do I help free your psyche. If you are a wisp of the ghost of a slave, then I, as a white woman, must acknowledge that I have my own ghost. So what do I do?

  82. arapahos As much as I hate to acknowledge anything you say is right, you are right. The turn of the last century is a mystery to me. It all went very wrong. The freed slaves were starting businesses, were making tons of money, had nice houses, held government seats. It's a sad and fascinating time in history – those 20 or so years – up until 1915 or so. Then, yes, the mighty hand of racism came down hard.

  83. Paul Driggers You are an idiot. Too bad.

  84. Paul Driggers says:

    Nicole MacKenzie lol Sure. You are in Montreal. /thread

  85. Devan Clark says:

    Well said Brother, and I preety much agree with you..I am just sick of hearing us complaining about whites while we do nothing to improve our own condidtion thats all..

  86. Paul Driggers Are you sane, Mr. Driggers? Because there is no stereotyping in what I wrote. You are the example everyone should look at as one side of the problem. So thanks for that. It's always good to have an "exhibit A".

  87. Devan Clark says:

    If we have to depend upon Black people to eat, we would starve to Death… Mo Betta , Blues…..1990

  88. Paul Driggers says:

    Nicole MacKenzie YOU are the stereotype. Sniveling white liberal who claims to be fighting racism and giving the brothers who blame whitey a hearty "Right on, man!".

  89. Paul Driggers Oh. Is that like hanging up? I'm sure Larry D. Brooks knows that I am not telling him to keep it real. What I am saying is that he is keeping his cool, and is thus able to help me understand his point of view. Yes, I'm Canadian. And proud of it. And proud to be a neighbour of the U.S. We have the same problems here; we're just not as populated so it's easier to see patterns and to (hopefully) fix the problems as they arise. So don't you f'n tell me I don't know a white a-hole arrogant racist when I see one. Call me anything you want. Nothing can be as bad as being called a racist and that's what I'm calling you. Get of this page. Let me learn.

  90. Jason Townes French says:

    Nicole MacKenzie It's the million dollar question, and I don't know the answer. I have a feeling it starts on the individual level — how we think, how we raise our children, how we treat others. We need to be critical of the things we see. When we go to the movies (huge source of mind programming), and we see how black people are portrayed, instead of just "accepting" that we should be critical and question how this character ended up on the screen.

    Growing up black, you look around for "role models" — or people who look like you that have reached a certain level of success. Unfortunately, the majority of the role model images are usually athletes, rappers, and sometimes even thugs. There are under 30 teams in the NBA with only 5 people playing at a time — the odds of getting a job at Facebook or Google (assuming you studied) are greater than being one of the chosen few athletes to be on that court, or the few rappers to make it big — yet this doesn't resonate with black communities (yet) because Facebook/Google doesn't look like "them" and therefore doesn't exist as a possibility for them.

    So what can we do? I don't know — but here's what I'm doing:

    I try to put forth as many examples of "other paths" as possible. I want to see minorities excited about writing computer code, and I'll show them that people who are brown, black, and purple-skinned can be just as good at it too — just requires commitment! Just like basketball! I'll work as diligently as I can to reach a level of success that when witnessed by others, might cause a quantum shift in the decision-making process of some kid I don't even know yet. This will hopefully inspire him to do similarly, and cause a ripple effect. I have no clue, or how long this will take. I do know that Software is taking over the economy, and those who are computer illiterate will be left behind. I got teased for being nerdy when I was a kid in Brooklyn. I'll never forget when I introduced myself to a girl (shy as hell), I was like 12, and I told her my name, and she rolled her eyes and said "why do you talk white?" I literally had to go home and ask my mom what she meant because I thought I just spoke "English". This is one of those subtle symptoms of the lasting impacts of mental slavery that results in self-segregation. I need to do what I can to make it so that it's not "uncool" to be literate, communicate clearly, or passionate about knowledge. As long as those things are still "uncool", the road for blacks in the US will always be harder.

    I love basketball and hip hop too, but I also would love to see black kids be aware of this:

    • We idolize Jay-Z for being one of the richest guys in the music game (net worth $500M). He started off as a crack dealer (selling poison…probably to other black people). It took him almost all his life (to date), several court cases, death, loss, and risk to earn that.

    •Mark Zuckerberg built the first version of Facebook in 2004 in a few weeks, and was a billionaire by 2008. Didn't have to deal drugs, no crazy hip hop shoot outs, and in just a few years time made Jay-Z's entire net worth — SEVERAL TIMES OVER. In his 20s.

    Jay-Z is out there flaunting his lifestyle, causing young blacks to be envious and want to do the same, when his path was actually a lot harder, riskier, and has a lower chance of success, but more importantly — a lower payout!.

    Mark Zuckerberg is out there in hoodies and flip flops acquiring more business and literally Taking Over the World. Silent & classy about his wealth, he continues to acquire more.

    I need to show by example that we should aspire for greatness outside of simply entertaining others. The computer industry alone is a source of great wealth that doesn't need to come with jail time, selling drugs, or reinforcing mental programming that blacks are only good for "certain things".

  91. Paul Driggers says:

    Nicole MacKenzie lol YOU are the racist, hun, and an elitist Canadian (ironic) from Quebec (more ironic) who thinks having a family that looks like a mock-United Nations (and who probably reminds everyone of that fact multiple times a day) makes you not a racist or somehow imparts some special wisdom upon you. You are full of yourself, which means you are full of crap.

  92. Roxanne Watson says:

    Nicole for some reason Im not able to read your full post. Integration was a hoax played on us by the government and accepted by our so called black leaders. We had communities where we owned our own stores, banks, has stations, had our own schools, etc. until Integration. Integration destroyed black communities. It only allowed us to spend our money in white owned stores, send our athletes to white schools, buy a house or two in the suburbs etc but the door didn't swing the other way. White ppl didn't move to black communities, send their kids to our schools, buy in black stores and it killed the black community making them poorer and built the white communities making them richer. I don't think we have a model of Integration to show that it works. I've never seen any other race or Ethnic group allow integration in their communities. And no one called them racist because they were protecting their economic power. Thats how they maintain power. Perhaps you have an evident example you can share with me. But of course there are households that are integrated however thats not what Im talking about. Actually were talking about segregation.
    White men do not like to share power and wealth and especially not with black ppl. They will not live among black ppl unless they are in control, business, politics, assets etc. Detroit in the 1930-70 is a perfect example. See White Flight. I live in Detroit and now white ppl want to move back in and are but they took over the city first by stealing elections, removing the power of elected officials, manipulating the law and courts, taking over the city under a governor appointed Emergency Managers, creating new boards and authorities with white, corporate members and little to none community representation. And it goes on and on. So no I don't see Integration as a sincere, fair or viable concept cause I have yet to see a successful model. But it's just my opinion that Ive based on history and what's happening in Detroit right now.

  93. Jason Townes French Thank you. I'll read what you've carefully written several times before, or even if, I respond. I guess the question that immediately rises to the surface is this: by following this path you've chosen for yourself, do you think you will eventually be able to walk into a room with a hoodie on and not feel all eyes are on you? Because what you wrote earlier resonated with me and that's what I am obviously not aware of. I can't relate to it. I am in agreement with everything you write because it's a libertarian point of view (yet to put it into practice, it seems by the criticism I've received is too idealistic a way to approach life). When I said that I walk down the street and smile at a young black person (I smile at everyone, actually), yes, my goal is to make that young person feel secure. But that's not enough, is it. The stereotypes are there. If you're Asian, you're good in math. If you are jewish, you're good with money. If you're white, you have it all, or you're a redneck. If you're aboriginal, you drink and take drugs. If you're black, you're going to mug someone. None of these are true. They're as false as when it was written that Africans had smaller brains or that women were by their very nature and physiognomy hysterical and lunatics. I want to achieve many things in my life, and I have achieved many things, but at this point, I am working very hard to confront hatred and violence wherever I see it. I'm back to square one. The problem is worse than I thought it was. I have friends who are rappers. They're good people. They're not Jay Z; they don't have that kind of fame or fortune. They also have strong opinions about how the money is being earned and by whom within the black community and they are trying to fix it on their end. It's a tough battle. Jay Z sells. Ah well. I could write for a while but I'll sign off. I thank you for presenting such a great discourse (is that an English expression??) and I will read it many times, as I will re-read everyone's posts. Except those of Mr. Drigger, or whatever his name is. 🙂 Merci.

  94. Jason Townes French says:

    Nicole MacKenzie "by following this path you've chosen for yourself, do you think you will eventually be able to walk into a room with a hoodie on and not feel all eyes are on you?"

    I'm a black guy in Silicon Valley 🙂 Any room I walk into eyes are on me. My neighborhood is largely white & asian so it's usually easy to spot me in a room 🙂 I don't know when that will change. What I have control over is if I choose to internalize that, or make myself feel "unworthy/criminal" (which I don't).

    To specifically address hoodies — I love wearing hoodies, but I'm aware of the connotations, so I always take it off before entering a store and immediately greet the store owner to let them know "hey not here to steal!". I also don't wear them for business meetings. This is just basic "social survival" skills that I've learned over the years. Not saying this is the right way to be, it's just how I've managed to get by as young black male tech entrepreneur.

  95. Jason Townes French Thank you.

  96. Jason Townes French says:

    Paul Driggers Totally uncalled for. You clearly didn't even read what she (Nicole) wrote, and are just fanning the flames of hate on the Internet. There are ways to disagree with someone in a critical/constructive manner. I'd have to agree that your response is exactly part of the problem we're facing. How can we reach understanding if you just resort to baseless insults and name-calling? How can anyone then respect your viewpoint as legitimate if that is how you treat others?

  97. Hello Roxanne. These posts are a little hard to follow and it's my first time participating in an online discussion like this. I don't know if you read the post where I questioned what the heck happened to black society and economy at the turn of the last century? I am reading things tonight I had no knowledge of and yet I have really tried to stay on top of this. It's only in the past couple of years, on MY FB page and by reconnecting with some old friends that I feel like I'm learning of a new African American reality. And it's not a pretty one. Tonight I'm getting a picture of what integration really meant to black communities. Thank you for that. I have to do some more reading. But we had no choice but to fight for civil rights, right? Yet the fighting, the dying, the suffering … did it do any good? I have to believe it did. Why then did integration fail? Why was it only one way – blacks moving into white communities – everything you've explained. Why didn't it all get mixed up. Yes. Lots of rhetorical questions. I shall think long and hard about what you and Jason have written to me and hopefully I'll come up with something intelligent to ask or say. Thank you for writing me back tonight. 🙂

  98. Jason Townes French HEY!!!! That's so great!!! I just bought it. Congratulations! This is huge. I don't know you and I'm thrilled. Of course. Yay! Wow….. 🙂 🙂

  99. Paul Driggers says:

    Jason Townes French We had a back-and-forth in another thread. If you read what she said and saw her condescension, you'd realize that my insults were not baseless, and quite frankly, I can sacrifice a little credibility if it brings down someone off her high horse.

  100. Arte Lope says:

    Because the perpetuation of racism and the industry of making black people feel like victims makes the rich elite bastards (of any color- it sure as hell isn't just the white bastards who benefit) richer. So black folk will hear over and over again everything necessary to keep the fires burning and the money flowing…away from the people who need it most, of any color.

    Here's a fact: Racism was purposedly invented in the 1600s in North America by the rich elite who feared that their black slaves, white indentured servants, white sentenced criminal slaves and bonded Native Americans might realize that their numbers were so superior if they combined efforts that they couldn't possibly have lost a war. If you read the old papers, these bastards talked openly about fomenting racism to keep us Other and Apart.

    And here we all are, hundreds of years later, with the rich bastards still profiting on the Otherism they built to control the strings upon which we all dance. Yes, shit's unequal. They built it that way on purpose to make us hate each other. By giving a fuck, they still win. Everyone needs to stand up and say 'No, this isn't right, but it is NOT the common man's fault, and never was. Let us join Brother, and recognize our true strength.'

    It's never been racism, it's been classism from day 1. That's the fraud.

  101. This was my first and last time commenting on a public page. I am 55 years old. I never thought I'd be one to comment on the lack of respect from a guy – I can only assume Paul Driggers is a guy – and I am appalled both by what he said and also how he got me riled up. I am not in the habit of losing my temper, of insulting anyone or of swearing in public. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. In any case, it has given me pause to reflect on what young people must go through on public forums. If we as adults can act so ridiculously, it must be horrible if you're a teenager! The bullying is probably much worse than we know. Thank you to Jason Townes French, to Roxanne Watson and to anyone who took the time to respect my comments, whether they agreed with them or not. Please feel free to message me through FB if you'd like me to understand something I didn't; I guess you can get to me by clicking on my name. Paul Driggers, you are not invited to contact me and I won't answer your latest posts. Mr. Larry Brooks, yours is an opinion I AM interested in so if you feel you'd like to add something to what you've already posted, please message me. I realize we may have different opinions but you sensibly chose to walk away when it was getting ugly so we didn't have the chance to communicate. I'm not coming back to this page. lol It's been an education and not one I wish to repeat! Peace, Nicole.

  102. Charlie Camp says:

    All blue states or cities. Who would have EVER guessed? And where are all the southern states? You liberals make me LMAO.

  103. Erica Marie Reyes says:

    I love how this has automatically become about blacks. There are more race's than just blacks that deal with those kinds of issues, and its in most of these places. I grew up in a school that was 50% black and 40% hispanic and 10% white… so in no am i racist and most of my friends are black and hispanic. WHAT IS aggravating is being called racist, just because of the color of my skin… hows does that automatically make me rich and racist? I grew up living in hotels, trailers, and poverty stricken neighborhoods with blacks and hispanics. And more than JUST BLACKS have racial issues.

  104. Erica Reyes says:

    I love how this has automatically become about blacks. There are more race's than just blacks that deal with those kinds of issues, and its in most of these places. I grew up in a school that was 50% black and 40% hispanic and 10% white… so in no am i racist and most of my friends are black and hispanic. WHAT IS aggravating is being called racist, just because of the color of my skin… hows does that automatically make me rich and racist? I grew up living in hotels, trailers, and poverty stricken neighborhoods with blacks and hispanics. And more than JUST BLACKS have racial issues.

  105. Erica Marie Reyes says:

    Nzingha Shabaka More than just black people have issues getting a education and getting a good job. I have fought for everything I have and for where I have gotten. I grew up in a primarily black and hispanic community and got a long with everyone. I lived in poverty stricken areas and went to schools that barely taught an education because they were so shitty. I made to where I am because I have worked my ass off in school without parents help, without government, and barely making by on bread and milk. I will finally be graduating with an associates degree after 4 of years of barely getting and with my BLACK and HISPANIC friends that I get a long with. All people deal with racist issues NOT JUST BLACKS.

  106. Erica Marie Reyes says:

    More than just black people have issues getting a education and getting a good job. I have fought for everything I have and for where I have gotten. I grew up in a primarily black and hispanic community and got a long with everyone. I lived in poverty stricken areas and went to schools that barely taught an education because they were so shitty. I made to where I am because I have worked my ass off in school without parents help, without government, and barely making by on bread and milk. I will finally be graduating with an associates degree after 4 of years of barely getting and with my BLACK and HISPANIC friends that I get a long with. All people deal with racist issues NOT JUST BLACKS.

  107. Roxanne Watson says:

    For some reason I cant read your full comment Nicole. It wont let me see more. Let me just add this about Integration. "Black ppl" never had a problem with integration. We are the only ppl who can be completely destroyed by a ppl and still love them more then they love themselves. Mexicans fight for Mexicans, Jewish for Jewish, Chaldeans for Chaldeans etc but AA fight for Civil Rights, (in the words of Claude Anderson) who the hell is Civil and where does he live? We let everybody in and they steal the economy and raid the culture making billions off something you created and taught to them and that you get demonized for.

    All I can say is what I see. In 1865 "black ppl" owned a 1/2 percent of 1% of the wealth in the united states and 150 years later they haven't gained anything. We're still at 1%. Our unemployment rate hasn't changed much since we were legally allowed to work. I think its been sitting steady around 40% or so I can't remember for sure however if ppl look it up they'll find that the problem hasn't changed for "black" folks we've been waiting decades for that equality.
    For some its evident what happened to "Black Society", for others they believe nothing was supposed to happen, maybe many are just not sure. Me I believe White America never freed American Africans on paper or in their minds. And I believe their actions are painfully clear. Sure they gave us Civil Rights but what was that really? And why was its legislation under Commerce? Civil Rights wasn't about human rights for AA cause we wouldn't see the Federal government putting drugs in the black neighborhoods, staggering unemployment, disinvestment, police brutality, vigilante's, destruction of education etc. I mean these practices are reminiscent of those old racist ideas from the 17, 18 and 19 century.

    I keep going back to Detroit because Ive witnessed what happened to "black society" here. Im sure ppl from other cities can confirm the same in theirs. I know it happened to AA communities in Lansing Michigan also. Twice in the 1900's and it never stopped. It continues today, its been almost 20 years of so called integration and now GENTRIFICATION. Black Societies were formed by segregation, separate but "equal." A community in Detroit (see Black Bottom) had a flourishing economy , business, arts, music, homes etc. Now ppl hate when I use the word racism and hate the word Supremacy even more. If you need my definitions ill give them to you. But it's what happened to black society. And Im not talking about the obvious hate acts and Race Riots but Suburban and trade policies that took money, black tax payers and federal dollars away from cities and built water and sewage lines for suburbs. Government built their freeways for suburbia through AA communities like Black Bottom destroying their society. Their business practice took businesses and developments from the cities and moved them to suburbs and overseas (see Nixon for one example). The SBA discrimination in business loans. Housing discrimination. Urban planning programs, Welfare reform, Clintons three strike laws, Special Ed programs, Capitalism on steroids. Have you heard about the reports on the lead problem in urban cities or the toxic water, medications and products that are targeted and marketed almost solely to the "black community" that destroys the brain and causes aggression and mental conditions (and incidentally reproduction problems)?
    Now can I leave out that we American Africans have been so damaged by the crimes of this country, conditioned by the oppression and manipulated by the system that 1/4 don't care, 1/4 can't see and 1/4 believe they're inferior so much so that they allow these injustices to happen. So its 1/4 of our ppl fighting with the nation. Even "good" white people are sitting back watching the slaughter, silently. I can't help but think what if none of these practices, policies and acts happened, where would "black Society" be?

    Or It's also possible that White society has seen the writing on the wall. They say by the year 2050 black and brown ppl will out number whites. What would you do to keep the power? I don't believe White man has ever wanted black ppl to have anything (see Homestead act, Dred Scott ruling, The making of KKK, Andrew Johnson and was it General Sheppard, 40 acres a mule dispute, to name a few) and I believe what has happened to black society has been because of this Conservatism. Which means maintain the status quo. Which means Supremacy, which means racism to me. Black people must wake up from dead state of mind. They don't have to hate white ppl but they must love themselves more. There will be no calvary this time, we must stop the nonsense and liberate ourselves.

  108. Gary Elliott says:

    That's it, piss on Detroit again. They show positive images of every other city, but a grafitti covered wall for the D. There are any number of beatiful images INSIDE THE INNER CITY they could have used, but they chose topile on. Why not just show the abandoned (since the early 50's) Packard Plant or the trin station for the umpteenth time? Fuck y'all.

  109. Charles Allen says:

    Yes Philly is seriously segregated. Gentrification is also a huge issue. The thing is America wasn't ready to be intergrated. After all these years, segregation persists. What would anybody expect since racism persists as well.

  110. Charles Allen says:

    Ahhhh So what your basically saying Devan Clark is that if only We BAD Negoes would act right Whites would want to be around us…. Victim of severe self hate and delusional thinking….

  111. Charles Allen says:

    I have no doubts that other races face challenges. But I'm not blind to history and the current affairs of Afrikan people, not just in America but all over the world. I personally don't know if your racist. I wouldn't assume you were. However I do think, like many people of European decent, you have the luxery of not examining the African experience first hand. Like watching TV and rarely seeing a positive image of yourself. Not just in 2014… but since you were born. Take for example, what you said about the problem of getting an education… You said " barely taught an education because they were so shitty" … How many white people live in or go to Afrikan American SHITTY schools? Why are they so shitty? This is a question with an answer that is not born out of your own personal experience or how YOU personally treated Black people, but a generalized one! Did Black people make their schools shitty? Black people have had shitty schools since we were ALLOWED to learn how to read. Yes there are exceptions to the rule but in general African American schools are as you say… shitty. I say this to say, its bigger than your own personal experience.

  112. Roxanne Watson says:

    Hi Erica, The article listed Detroit as the number one segregated city. Detroit is over 80% "black." I live in Detroit and I am black so naturally my comment was from my personal experience. But I completely understand your frustration. Im sure other groups feel left out a lot. I think American Africans would love to not be the center of attention all the friggin time. At least not in the manner of which they are most of the time. Perhaps your question is better suited for the white structure to answer. There has always been a preoccupation with AA's. I think they do a great job making the issues black and white. Im sorry you feel overlooked.
    Im not really sure what your gripe is. I don't know one Mexican, Jewish, or Chaldean who would want to be "black" for one day let alone a lifetime. Hell black folks don't wanna be black right now. I focus on black ppl not because only "black ppl" experience racism but because the racism that we experience us the most egregious and it should be a push back. AA's can't afford to worry about other ppl's problems more then there own anymore. And ppl shouldn't deter them by chastising them for speaking out against what's happening in their neighborhoods, to their ppl. I find it aggravating that on one hand ppl say pull yourself up by your boot straps and with the other they try to hold you down. However we always fight for everybody else's rights but nobodies fighting for us. We fight for them, they get the benefits and we still have to fight for our equality. I know there's some injustices in the Mexican community. But I must say, I was a correction officer for 10 years and out of about 1000 female prisoners you'd be pressed to find 20 mexican inmates. Detroit has Southwest and which they have their own businesses, schools,
    and other. In 17 years I never seen a Mexican person in my hood or shopping in my hood. I grew up in a predominately white city, lived in the black community with one Mexican family and very little white ppl if any. So Im not very familiar with the plight of Mexican people other then what Ive seen. It appears they stay to themselves. I can only talk about what I see. Now it looks to me that they're a lot better off than those in "Black" neighborhoods. But thats not for me to assume. I think we can agree that no other group of ppl have been treated such inhumanely as Africans and their descendants. And no other group has been oppressed more than the American African. Every group who are experiencing racism have a duty to speak up for themselves and that includes AA. Three hundred years or more and were still fighting for justice and your aggrivated! Lol

    Maybe you can shed some light on Mexican communities political, social, economical stresses. Its not that often the Mexican community interact with the black community in my area. Tell me what I don't know.

    I think people need to learn the definition of a racist. I didn't call anyone a racist but those who are racist. But if I said something let me so I can clarify it. Now if anyone thinks I called them a racist they might wanna have a honest conversation with their conscious, subconscious or unconscious. I understand the word and concept can confuse people especially those who are still struggling with their own prejudice. For me Racist means a person who's prejudice can have a negative social, economic or educational impact on another person or group. Its likely none of us here have that kind of power.

  113. Roxanne Watson says:

    White people wanna know what they can do to help, talk to youd family, neighbors and friends. It's was a pleasure talking to you Nicole Mackenzie love you girl!

  114. Black people think every city they live in is racist . I can't count how many times I have heard some silly step and fetch it black person say .( I live in the most Racist city in the country ) for one thing , how in the hell do you know that ? Second , somebody tell me how whites are racist for only wanting to live around their own people ?..Half of you so called pro black negros here are the same folks that don't do a Damn thing to better you own neighborhood . Fat morbidly Obese black women in McDonald's cussing at their kids , with green and purple weave down their backs . Y'all know good and well I'm telling the truth . I see this mess all day long , so many Fd up black neighborhoods most people don't even know about the nice middle class ones around the country .Get your crap together black folks ..while y'all crying about White people not wanting be around you , whites and Asians are inventing the next iPod , figuring out how to cure diseases , make your smart phone smarter . While Black folks complain about racism , Dance and play Basketball .

  115. Roxanne Watson says:

    You cant replace conditioning with information, you can only hope to raise consciousness. The kind of world you exist in reflects the kind of consciousness you have-Dr. Amos Wilson. Be a great success everybody! One love

  116. Jason Townes French says:

    Charles Allen I interpreted his statement as if we act right, we'll stand a better chance of respecting OURSELVES. Self respect is the first step to others respecting you. We can walk around our communities and feel a sense of pride and integrity, not ghettoness and poverty.

  117. Jason Townes French says:

    Nicole MacKenzie Thanks for the download, Nicole! It's a random little story I made, but hopefully a few people somewhere in the world enjoy its message.

  118. Jason Townes French says:

    Erica Marie Reyes Are you angry about this conversation being about blacks or someone calling you a racist? I don't know who called you a racist, so I can't really comment on that. I wouldn't take it personally that the conversation has gravitated towards the discussion of blacks — hispanics face many of the same issues, it's just there's more of a stigma & history around black-focused racism, probably due to slavery.

    But no doubt hispanics are facing it too. People want to complain about them "taking our jobs" yet they do a lot of the jobs that power & feed the country. It's arguable that a lot of the workers out there picking vegetables in the fields are living a life not much different from indentured servitude.

    I would love to see blacks, hispanics, and well, everyone just put down the barriers and find a way we can work together to elevate, instead of following our own little stereotypes about each others cultures. Instead we get the opposite — blacks & latino gangs killing each other on the streets and in jail, and all this hate for each other. I've seen mothers of hispanic girls I've wanted to date tell their daughters not to date me cause I'm black — I'm probably the nerdiest, non-thuggest dude you've met. I've seen black people hate on me if I date someone that's not black. The reality is —we're all here in the US together trying to make a better life for ourselves. Somehow our cultures have been tricked into playing this role of confusing ethnic pride/patriotism with hating others that don't look like you.

    What we all have in common is a desire to achieve a better life. Let's learn together, make some money together, get our act together, and stop trying to put everyone in boxes.

  119. You don't know what a racist city is , I bet you probably never left your city let alone the country . Stop crying and do something productive . You must love white folks because you are the one upset they don't want to live around us .

  120. For one , I'm Blacker than you could ever attempt to be . Unlike you Nobody. Has to ask me if I'm mixed. , Bi- racial light skin so called Blacks like you sicken me. . You wear a Dishiki and read a few Garvey books and claim to be Blacker than other pure blacks .During slavery you would have been massa 's favorite. . Self hatred ?. Why ? Because I speak the obvious ? Because I broke the rule of putting our dirty laundry out there for white folk to see?. Why are you not talking about advancement of our people ? Invent some iPods and smart phones ?. Teach your people how to open businesses ?. But naw , you bring your half breed ass over here to criticize a real Black man .

  121. What Supremacy ? Whites have always been interested in their own Supremacy so what's your point ? You don't think people know what created these problems ?.it doesn't matter if Black folks turn into Oppressors of their own people . These problems have become the burden if the black race and we are the ones that are continuing the legacy if white supremacy acting like animals and refusing to come together .

  122. Paul Driggers says:

    Devan Clark For what it's worth, I'd love to have a neighbor like you, and considering you are from Arkansas and I am from Louisiana, we probably were neighbors at one point. 🙂

  123. Softee Facee says:


  124. EJ Knapp says:

    Always the way it goes: the whites start dissing the blacks who in turn diss the whites back. Can we give that a rest? It's so old school and immature to boot.
    I was born and raised in Detroit, in a working class neighborhood on the west side of the D. Wanderlust whisked me away at 30 and wanderlust brought me back again at 60. I bought an abandoned house back on the west side, very near to where I grew up, and am turning it into a home.
    Growing up here, there was a lot of prejudice. And yeah, a lot of white folks packed their delusions of saftey in the back of their station wagons and made a dash to the burbs. But that was only part of what brought the D to it's knees. It got out of control and no one, black, white or otherwise had a clue how to regain the control.
    You want to know what's driving down property prices? Arsonists, scrappers, dumpers and I'd bet my next social security check that most of them live in the damn burbs. I've seen white scrappers, black scrappers, asian scrappers, latino scrappers. The dumpers operate by night, crusing in from the burbs in their F-150s and dumping their crap on our streets but I'd bet the next SS check the racial profile is roughly the same.
    We struggle here, we make do with what we have. We clean up our yards and the yards of those empty houses around us. We board up the abandoned and firebombed. There are so many houses here that could be saved, houses that might cost you what a banged up used car would cost. I paid 500 for mine. You want a house? They are here for the taking. There are 4 I can see from where I type this that you could pick up cheap. A lot of work, yeah, but it would be yours.
    Stop blaming the other guy. It's pointless, unproductive and makes you look like an ass.

  125. Erica Reyes says:

    Jason Townes French I am not angry at all. It is aggravating to me over all that when it comes to racism, everyone thinks only blacks deal with it. I saw more racism towards the hispanic community here where I live than the black community. America over all is made of different race's, and when coca-cola made the America So Beautiful song and pretty much all the white people decided it was unamerican for coca-cola to do that song broke my heart. In all technical terms, the only people who should have anything to gripe about are the American Indians, everything was taken from and they were slaves just the blacks… the only difference is their lands were even taken from them and even now they are only allowed in certain living locations. Every race has dealt with slavery, some more so than others. The biggest slaves were the Jews, African Americans, and Native Americans. But another thing yo have to remember is, just because one is black does not mean their ancestors came from slavery… and a lot people just assume without research. Now a majority of blacks do come Africa, so I will not dispute that. Here where I live the blacks will call you racist just because they are not allowed to do something (i.e. in high school if they wanted to use bathroom and were told no or where to told not to cut the lunch.)
    My point is that overall I am frustrated with the overall fact of racism, skin color does not mean anything to me and to watch others ridicule and put down others, after all the sacrifices others went through to get freedom is frustrating.
    As for me, I am white. I am married to a hispanic and most of my friends are hispanic and black. However I instant get judged for being white; that I am rich, mommy and daddy gives me everything I want, that I am stuck up, or they just assume I am racist.. which in a sense is them being racist. I am white but I grew up in foster homes and living in poverty stricken communities. As though this small comparison to others who experience racism, it still shows all do deal with it.
    My husband has had to fight with the system to get anything. Because he is hispanic everything thinks he is an illegal and will not give him chances, and they call him names and wont give him the opportunities others get as citizens of the US (as they assume that he is not one.)

    So its no that I am mad, it is that i am frustrated with America and its system and their thinking.

  126. Charles Allen says:

    Devan Clark LOL Blacker than… Its like the second or third time you said that in this section. Hilarious & Confused brotha Hang your hat on that ma G. its the only thing Afrikan/Black About you. LOL Again, what your basically saying Devan Clark is that if only We BAD Negoes would act right Whites would want to be around us…. You are a victim of severe self hate and delusional thinking…. Don't even need to respond to rest of your emotional outburst.

  127. Adaj Parr says:

    By design. Wayne County has treated Detroit as a plantation, with the help of Wendell Anthony and the Detroit branch NAACP.

  128. Charles Allen says:

    Jason Townes French I agree with you. It is important. Respecting ourselves and self love on a national international level.. I don't agree that thats where he was coming from. But i'm not reading his mind, just read what he said and thats how it came off to me.

  129. Darcy Jackson says:

    Devan – I think you may be looking at this the wrong way. Are you telling me that a black person making 100k/yr treats his/her property different than his/her white counterpart? I find that it's more socio-economic and less ethnic. Most poor whites are stuck in rural America and people of African decent who are poor are historically in the urban areas with the reverse for both wealthy/middle-class of each ethnicity.

  130. Darcy Jackson says:

    Paul Driggers Are you saying that because Nicole is inclusive and goes out of her way to not appear/act racist that she is in fact racist?

  131. Nzingha Shabaka says:

    Devan Clark And if whites had not held black people as slaves, they would have had to go back to Europe to starve to death. I wish you would think for a second, all this that whites people control, do you realize if it had not been for slavery, they would not be shit. Stop the nonsense, bragging on a system of former slave holders, and putting black people down. They need to pay us our ancestors debt, then we would not need to starve.

  132. Darcy Jackson She is one of those who is rejected by her own people so she pimps herself out as a novelty, probably thinking "hmm, I don't have an Arab friend, let me go hang out at the mosque." She sees people for their color. On top of that, in case you missed her post in one of these threads, she said (paraphrasing) we have racial problems in Montreal (a HUGE joke in itself), so I know more than you do in America, so let me bestow some of my vast experience and wisdom upon you poor, clueless souls.

  133. Darcy Jackson And in all reality, she is an insecure, smug bitch, quite frankly. I've known plenty like her. She is a stereotype, nothing more.

  134. Darcy Jackson You wanna talk about race relations, I grew up in the South, in a school where everyone was white or black, about 60-40, and NOTHING else. I didn't learn about black people from TV, although my favorite shows pretty much all were black people, I didn't learn about them from NPR or from hearing about how unfair slavery was, I was there sitting next to them in school, hanging out with them at recess, etc. If I criticize black people it is from a position of love, unless someone is just being an asshole, then I push buttons. If you want my opinion about what ails blacks today it is a combination of fatherless homes and too many people telling you that when it rains, it rains harder on black people because the weather is racist. If you are walking a tightrope, do you really need a "friend" who keeps reminding you that there is a net and it's RIGHT THERE and it will catch you and everything's fine if you fall? That's what happens when, like most people posting here, blacks take the position of "it's not our fault". We have people here ignoring the real problems and blaming the news media and white gossip. That should be an insult to any thinking person.

  135. Darcy Jackson I have no data to back up this one, but the percentage of black people making over $100k/year is probably not that high, but yes at this point it probably is a lot more a socio-economic problem than ethnic. Poverty can induce a mindset which reaps more poverty. Because of this I'd say that one of the most impactful and long-lasting results of slavery/ethnic discrimination is the severe economic discrimination that follows it. It doesn't matter if you're "free" if you don't know how to take advantage of the economic opportunities available to you.

    For example: being able to explain to your kids how the stock market, business valuations, and fundraising works is probably one of the most economically important lessons to learn. It's how you accumulate wealth in this country. The way the wealth class accumulates money isn't by "looking for a job and working their way to the top" — it's by playing the fundraising/valuation game — creating something, and convincing someone else that it's worth more than what it cost you to create it.

    If you know how to play the "value perception game", you can multiply your wealth at a scale that would put you in a different level of the economic pyramid seemingly overnight. Then once you're there you can easily invest in other companies and do it again — sometimes several times in one year. The math works out such that wealth compounds itself and that's pretty much what is going on in Silicon Valley and Wall Street.

    Unfortunately, most minorities are not participants in this economic math game, and it's easy to feel "hopeless" when it feels like you're at the bottom. If there was just a way we could educate those about how this game works….I bet they could play it 🙂

  136. Grey Matter says:

    With all due respect Mr. Clark, we did not organically devolve into the state of negritude and despair as we now reale not only in our communities, but our own consciousness.

  137. Erica Marie Reyes SO TRUE / CONGRATS (Y) 🙂

  138. Nzingha Shabaka Bingo.

  139. If these cities were mixed like Toronto. It would improve race relations.

  140. How could you be so hypocritical and contracdictory ? in one breath ypu said that if you were white ….you would not live among blacks and in the other you claim to love black people .

  141. Celia K Dale says:

    That's not what makes whites racist and I don't think anyone is stating that it does Devan A Clark. I am really curious as to what you believe you're doing to better the black community? When you see that fat morbidly obese black woman in mcdonalds cussing at her kids, do you stop and take the time to educate the sista on proper dietary habits and the destruction she's causing her children? Or do you run to the internet and post about the fat morbidly obese black woman in mcdonalds?

  142. Celia K Dale says:

    What is this crap about blacks being racist…. would you please cut it out.

  143. I agree with Roxanne 100%…….I almost agree with the Muslims when they say we should separate but equal. Because we still live separate but still we're not equal…The other way around would be better… See, this would make us just as strong as any other ethnic group.

  144. You know what? There is good and bad people in every race..How come black people are all still judged the same? We are judged greatly for being black by the police, media and everyone else. You guys think we're all the same regardless of our education and/or social status. So, now we don't care what we say about any other race because we are treated so unfairly. I wish all other races could be black for just one day and I bet you couldn't take the abuse we suffer. Racism is everywhere we go such as grocery stores, hospitals,schools, etc…. Also, most white people are not done with racism.!!! Do yourself a favor and go get a make-up artist and tell them to color you black for one day. Then you can repost and tell us all how white people are done with racism because you are going to get the surprise of your life!

  145. The problem with "separate but equal" is that the separate was NEVER equal – and it still isn't.. You just aren't old enough to have lived to see what I'm talking about. I'm not. I've seen what I'm talking about.

  146. Sam Hasan says:

    Howard Walker, again, if the system was truly equal and separate, then there would be no issue. But we know this was not the case. As to your comment about being old enough to known what I'm talking about, it actually saddens me to hear that from you. The reason is because at some point we will all be memories and it is important that these accounts are passed along. A person does not have to have first hand experience in order to speak from a position of knowledge. I was not in Africa during he time of Mansa Musa, nor was I on the ship during the middle passage, however these events actually happened and the knowledge and understanding that was gleaned from these events has been passed along to you as well as me. If you read my comment closer, you will see that we are actually in agreement about this issue. Peace

  147. Sam Hasan .. Yes. we are basically in agreement. Said agreement being, as you put it, "the level and quality of services." My intent of my post was more to clarify and discuss than contradict. I did, in fact, read your post very closely, Your statement, "Separate but equal was never a problem" – is specifically what I'm speaking to. Separate but equal was never anything BUT a problem – the reason you pointed out is the least problematic aspect of the concept. Yes.. services were never equal – in any way..nor were they ever going to be "equal." I just feel that f you lived during the era when our schools, facilities, entertainment venues, etc. were actually segregated by law, your knowledge of that fact would be as painful as mine is, and those who lived it in the generation(s) before me. Therefore I would NEVER say anything that could in any way be construed as anything but a rejection of the concept of "separate but equal" – especially considering the root of the laws behind it.

    Sure.. People might generally want to live among those who are most like themselves… I have no problem with that ….I reject the notion that separation in the hoods, should be based on skin color though… Not here in America. The problem, though, is resources. Some communities have more, or less resources to provide the "level and quality of services." A problem as I see it regarding provision of services in disadvantaged communities is that he members of the larger "community" do not give back to their community at the levels that members of more affluent communities support their own. Therefore imho – its not "they" who "deprive "us." It is "we" who do not support our own. – If you catch my drift.

  148. Jason Townes French In light of the happenings in Ferguson, I began an internet search to explore more and came across this article and your post (the initial comment to @Devan.) Thank you for these wise words. I hope we all can learn something from this tragedy that has come to the forefront of the minds of so many.

  149. When i first moved off staten island i lived in a predominantly white area. Sometimes id go weeks without seeing another black person and i can honestly say that i never experienced any form of racism there. Everyone i encountered was very nice. The man that owned the corner store would even ask me about my day and how i was feeling every time i walked in. But in spite of that i started feeling lonely after awhile and when i relocated again i looked for an area that was more diverse. I say this to say, sometimes When blacks, Hispanics, asian and other Nationalities grouped together its because they chose to live near people they are familiar with, and not because they are unwelcome elsewhere. As far as the condition of the area some of us live in we have to take responsibility for how we take care of where we live, take responsibility for how we treat each other and ban together when minor change needs to happen, not just for tragedies. Im am well aware that a lot of things are race related but some things Aren't.

  150. Nicole MacKenzie Dont pay the African any attention..his people sold my people to white people ..yet white people are a problem,,

  151. Nicole MacKenzie Yeah, and 90% of Blacks are well aware of what our people went thru but still act like animals anyway , so whats your point?

  152. Robin Casey says:

    Because Atlanta is diverse. I live in Smyrna which is in Cobb County and from preschool to now (2nd grade), my son's peers are various

  153. Ross Nesbitt says:

    The Helots were separate from the Spartans.

  154. Celia K Dale Yea, its soooo stupid. You cant be racist to white people because white people arn't even human. As a resident of Atlanta walking down east point I get hollered at all the time and its not race involved at all. Its just friendly non racist comment like" HEY WHITE BREAD!, HEY YOU FUCING CRACKA WHAT YOU DOIN WHITE BOI!" nope not racist "HEY WHITE BREAD GIMMIE YO MONEY!" nope not racist

  155. Exactly ^^^^ anyone and everyone can be racist! But i guess when ur black and u call white ppl cracka or honkey thats not racist but if i was droppin N bombs that would be racist… hnmm sounds like a double standard which is also racist so y dont yall just quit its the 21st century get over it already…

  156. Sick in bed with the flu and I'm just seeing this now. The pleasure was mine, Roxanne. <3 and I love you, too. 1love.

  157. Historically, separation was the means by which the purposeful inequality of services was rendered (e.g. redlining).

  158. Karen Garcia says:

    Actually, I would say if you live in one particular place in Boston and you call a child the N word at school, specifically saying things like, "Go pick my cotton, N" and "Bow down to me N" your parents wont even get a phone call. That is the reality of some places in Boston.

  159. Nzingha Shabaka When were you are slave?

  160. Jesus Gallo says:

    you are right same but never equal is the same system than we get for centurys thing really hard to change.

  161. Chuck Drake says:

    I'm not sure but other than NYC, haven't all these cities been run by Democrats for years?

  162. Sam Hasan, what did you mean by "Just don't deprive us of quality services, bc that's where you have problems." Who are you speaking to? It isn't clear to me.

  163. No, Politicians. Not being funny either–just mean once they get in they do what they please–we have to make them accountable Chuck Drake. Remind them of what they said they'd do, call them, visit their office when they come from Washington and speak with them.

  164. Chris Cundra says:

    I agree with the points you are making overall about systemic oppression and how the true vehicle it is carried through is not overt racial violence, but some of the practices or policies you mentioned, yet I have to take exception to your argument with certain points. First, the black population does not have an unemployment rate of 40%, although it is higher than other demographics. Unequal wealth distribution is a growing problem, but blacks do not only possess 1% of the wealth. Although it is not that much higher, this is more a property party issue. Wealth is accumulating to staggering amounts in the top echelon of the wealthy, and although it could be argued that whites make up the large majority of that group, the white population on the whole does not benefit from this, the whites in the 1% do.

    Also, your claim that "no White Man has ever wanted black people to have anything" is poorly supported. You cite policies and events that occurred in the mid 19th century, before, during, and immediately after the Civil War. Of course these policies did not benefit the slave population, nor were they intended to. Andrew Johnson, a southern Unionist, rose to the presidency on the account of Lincoln's assassination. He enacted the Black Codes to reverse the policies of Republicans during Reconstruction and consequently any progress being made by the black population. His policies were an outrage to the republicans in Congress and he was impeached for removing his Secretary of War, whom was a radical republican. Lincoln was a man who did advocate for the equality, or at least the advancement, of the black or slave population, even if preserving the Union was the ultimate motive. There are plenty of white men who wanted black people "to have [something]" (John Brown, Lincoln, the workers for the Freedman's Bureau, not to mention Northern abolitionists, and any white people who participated in the Civil Rights movement, of which there are more than a few, etc.) My point is not to name every white person who supported black equality, but to demonstrate that your examples used to argue on the contrary are null. Your underlying argument is understandable, but not your support.

  165. De Lweis says:

    Who made this bullshit? I live in Metro Detroit Auburn Hills and I been to Fernadale my dad lives out there and it's like 50% black, it's a lot of black people in the suburbs of Detroit, more blacks live in the Suburbs of Detroit than anywhere I've been in my entire life so what is this idiot talking about it's segregated and in the actually city of Detroit it may be segregated;however, Detroit doesn't have enough high of white population for it to be that. Whoever made this is an idiot.

  166. And thank God the blacks mostly live on the North side of Milwaukee! When ever they move on the edges and middle of the south side crime and shootings jump up by 100 %! Stay on the north side we want to live in a safe neighborhood!

  167. Sam Rose says:

    People like you are just as much part of the problem as the criminals. Your prejudice holds our hold city back. Instead of making up ridiculous stats (100%, really? Do you even realize what you're saying? So ignorant), why not do something constructive to help build community in our city? You probably don't even live in Milw., but if you do, maybe you should move someplace "safer."

  168. Robert Sims says:

    Is this a trick question, all cities in the USA are segregated.

  169. Billy Redman says:

    What color of dot represents idiot? Represents basically the person who wrote this story……

  170. Go milwaukee, we got segregation on lockdown! Lets go for that #1 spot.

  171. Surprised Pittsburgh didn't make the list.

  172. Some more than others. I used to live in Durham, NC, and it was pretty well integrated.

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