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Rapper Slim Thug Seeks to Stem the Tide of Gentrification In Houston by Building Affordable Housing



Houston rapper Slim Thug is committed to fighting gentrification by partnering up with city officials and building affordable housing for those in need.

Slim Thug told radio personality Sway Calloway during the Thursday, Feb. 2 broadcast of “Sway in the Morning” that his company, Boss Life Construction, has partnered with the city to build affordable housing in the Acres Homes and 5th Ward neighborhoods.

“That’s part of what we do at Boss Life Construction,” the rapper says. “We build affordable homes because a lot of people are going to these hoods and buying up everything. You know what I’m saying? Running these people out of there and building these expensive places … It’s definitely going down in H-Town. The whole 4th Ward is almost gone.”

Since 2015, Boss Life Construction has built affordable homes to create a nicer community in the Acres Home neighborhood. Initially, Slim Thug and his team built 10 homes from the ground up, but he wanted to do more. After city officials told him about the Lara Lots program, the rapper was able to purchase three plots of land at low cost and build homes for a few lucky Houstonians.

“If they qualify, we give them the down payment to move in,” he said.

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