When White Woman Inserts Herself In Actor Kofi Siriboe’s Celebration of Black Women, His Fans Set Her Straight

“Queen Sugar” star Kofi Siriboe found lots of support for his praise of Black women when a white woman felt he should have given props to all races instead.

On Twitter Tuesday, Feb. 7, the actor, who is set to appear in the upcoming film “Girls Trip,” expressed love for his mother and applauded the devotion of Black women.


A white Twitter user named Claire Palmer seemed to take offense to Siriboe placing the spotlight on Black women. She responded by pointing out mothers of all races are loving.

Another woman, who is Black chimed in to defend Siriboe’s tweet…

…and Palmer explained herself.

Several others demanded Palmer remove herself from the conversation altogether.

Many felt exasperated over Black people never being able to have anything for themselves.

@AwesomestOn3 felt confused about why Palmer was upset.

Palmer responded that Siriboe’s tweet should have been based on “heart and kindness.”

That lead @AwesomestOn3 to offer up a conversation about why her statement as a white woman had racial implications.

Siriboe didn’t need his statement to be defended, though. He responded to Palmer himself by including a lengthy message about how he will unapologetically uplift Black women and Black people in general.



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