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Fans Divided Over George Lopez’s Anti-Black Joke, Verbal Attack on Woman

Comedian George Lopez has spurred backlash after a video of his racist joke — and harsh response to an audience member — went viral.

The former sitcom star performed at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Ariz., as part of his “Together Live” tour with D.L. Hugley Saturday, Feb. 4. In a video captured by TMZ, an anti-Black joke rubbed a woman in the crowd the wrong way, leading Lopez to curse her out.

“There’s still two rules in the fucking Latino family,” Lopez said. “Don’t marry somebody Black and don’t park in front of our house.”

Many guests are heard laughing as one woman in the front row flipped the comic off.

“Sit your f—— a– down,” Lopez responds. “I’m talking, b—-. Sit your f—— a– down. You paid to see a show, sit your a– down. [If] you can’t take a joke you’re at the wrong m—– f—— place. Sit your f—— a– down or get the f— out of here.”

Lopez had the woman and her party removed by security and seemed to stand by his remarks on Twitter Tuesday, Feb. 7.

The incident left many upset, not only for Lopez’s reaction but for his racially insensitive joke as well.

Black women challenged the notion that they are un-datable.

Several Black people questioned the outrage since they said some hip-hop lyrics degrade women.

At least one person found the defense unacceptable.

Some thought the idea that Latinos don’t date Black people was a well-known fact.

Others didn’t see the joke as a big deal.

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