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Tomi Lahren Shows Depth of Her Delusion, Says Black Man Who Acted Like Trump Could Be President

Conservative social media personality Tomi Lahren is convinced that a Black man who has several children by multiple women and acts like President Donald Trump could ascend to the Oval Office like he did.

During the Friday, Feb. 3 telecast of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” host Bill Maher threw out a hypothetical scenario to his panel consisting of professor Michael Eric Dyson and Lahren where Trump was a Black man.

“What do you think if Trump was Black?” He asks the majority-white panel. “Say there was a Black man president and he had children by three wives and he was sort of erratic as he was and belligerent as he was … ” Before Maher could finish, Dyson interjected, “He’d be in prison.”

Maher turned to Lahren and specifically asked for her thoughts on the topic. To the surprise of no one, The Blaze “journalist” said that it was possible that a Black man who behaved like Trump could be president.

“I don’t think it would matter, no,” she says. “I don’t look at Trump and judge him on his character flaws. I judge him on his policies.”

Lahren didn’t walk back her comments even after Maher pressed her, asking, “If a Black guy said, ‘I grab p—ies,’ you think that would make no difference?” Dyson retorted, saying that the hypothetical Black Trump would be “starring in ‘The Mack’ or some other Blaxploitation movie” but would not be the president of the U.S.

Maher then referenced a survey claiming that two-thirds of Republicans believe that discrimination against whites is just as bad as discrimination against minorities. He asked her if she agreed with that survey. Lahren equivocated.

“As we sit here today, I do think there is an element of racism against white individuals,” says Lahren. “I do see it.”

GOP strategist Rick Wilson, however, was quite clear. “Since I’m a conservative and not a Trump person, let me say this,” Wilson states. “That’s absurd. That’s f–king crazy.”

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