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Pastor Scott Blames Lack of Sleep for Lying About Meeting with ‘Top Gang Leaders’ In Chicago

Pastor Darrell Scott has come forth and admitted to not meeting with “top gang thugs” from Chicago after saying he did during President Donald Trump’s Black history event Wednesday, Feb. 1.

In an exclusive interview with Chicago’s Fox 32 News, the Ohio-based pastor said he only met with one former gang member from the Windy City but not with any gang leaders as he had previously claimed. The interview also revealed that many of the claims Scott told Trump during the live Black history meeting broadcast were untrue.

Earlier this week, Scott said “They’re going to commit that if they lower the body count, we come and do some social programs. They want to work with this administration. THEY reached out. I didn’t reach out to them.”

Scott denied making a proposition of this nature even though he said it during Wednesday’s live broadcast. When asked by a Fox 32 News reporter, “So there are no gang leaders offering to reduce the body count in exchange for federal funds?” Scott replied, “No. I mean, c’mon now! (laughs) No!”

After his words sparked a national sensation, Scott said that he misspoke and has since rescinded all of his claims. He even attributed a lack of sleep for his statements alleging Chicago gangs had offered to “lower that body count” for more federal dollars.

“I’m tired of him trivializing this in these tweets and being this obsession with Chicago and doin’ nothin,” Father Michael Pfleger tells Fox 32. “This is too serious to be making crazy comments at a White House Black history celebration. This is an insult to Chicago.”

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