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‘Bootleg’ Pastor Darrell Scott Praises Trump as ‘Most Pro-Black President’ In Recent History

Pastor Darrell Scott felt the wrath of social media critics Wednesday after proudly dubbing President Donald Trump the most “pro-Black president” in recent history, a remark many considered utterly preposterous and a slight to former POTUS Barack Obama.

Scott’s off-putting comments came during a meeting with several Black inner–city pastors and Trump himself, who grinned with pride when Scott made the stunning declaration. The leaders, which included reverends and bishops from across the nation, met for a roundtable discussion on efforts to reform the U.S. prison system.

Pastor Darrell Scott

Darrell Scott (right) argued that the Trump administration would do more to help and improve urban communities. (Image courtesy of Black Christian News)

“To be honest, this is probably going to be the most pro-Black president that we have seen in our lifetime,” Scott said matter-of-factly. ” … This president actually wants to prove something to our community — our faith-based community and our ethnic community.”

“The last president felt like he didn’t have to,” the Ohio pastor added. “He got a pass.”

Other pastors present for the meeting sat stone-faced as Scott took shots at Obama and praised Trump for the alleged work he’s done to improve urban communities. During his campaign, Trump argued that Democrats weren’t doing enough to help inner-city areas, and even asked Black folks “what they hell they had to lose” by voting for him.

” … This president — this administration is probably going to be more proactive regarding urban revitalization than any president in your lifetime,” Scott continued, adding that the Trump White House will “continue to make history.”

The pastor’s comments sparked almost an immediate backlash from critics, who labeled him a “sell out” for “tap dancing” for President Trump at the expense of his own people.

“I’m sickened by this! How can a pastor praise someone evil as Trump? And then put down President Obama!” one woman wrote. “This pastor has a duty to uphold God’s laws & speak out against the hate crimes against POC, the mistreatment of immigrants, etc. This pastor forgot his purpose. What a sell out!”

“Scott is doing his tap dance for Trump,” wrote another. “Waiting for him to breakout his fiddle.”

One person dubbed Scott a “bootleg preacher,” saying, “In other words, if he’s a preacher, I’m Beyoncé! And we know that ain’t true!! He does not speak for us!”

Others turned their anger toward the Black pastors for meeting with Trump in the first place, arguing the event was reminiscent of the disastrous Oval Office meeting with HBCU presidents last year.

Watch more in the clip below.

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