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Pittsburgh Man Protecting His Home from Burglar Is Shot and Killed by Police

Two Pittsburgh, Penn., police officers have been placed on administrative leave after shooting and killing a homeowner who was protecting his home from an intruder.

Homeowner Christopher Thompkins, 57, woke up early Sunday morning, Jan. 22, grabbed his gun and went after an intruder who was inside his home. Thompkins opened fire when officers responding to the burglary call around 4 a.m. went up on the front porch, according to Pittsburgh Police Spokesperson Sonya Toler. Police returned fire as they tried to gain entry into the house and Thompkins was pronounced dead at the scene, WPXI News reported.

The family told WPXI that Thompkins was a licensed gun owner and that he shared the home with his wife and elderly mother. While officers did apprehend the real suspect, identified as 23-year-old Juan Brian Jetter-Clark, family members are asking how Thompkins ended up dead.

Pittsburgh Police have not released the names of the two officers involved, however, the department did disclose that one officer has been on the force for 7 1/2 years, whle the other has been on duty for 4 1/2. Both were placed on administrative leave, per department policy.

Toler told media that there is an internal investigation is underway.

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