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Black Student Urged to Call Number Found In Locker, Hears Vile KKK Recruitment Message

The mother of an Elmwood Park, Illinois, middle-school student fears for her child’s safety after the girl found a note in her locker that turned out to be from the Ku Klux Klan.

Shonerka Howard’s young daughter found the disturbing note after returning to Elm Middle School following winter break.

On the white sheet of paper, the words “Vote Trump 2017” were at the top and a phone number was in the middle. The words “Please listen to voicemail closey [sic]” were written at the bottom along with the number 1175 and the letters “EP.”

Screenshot via FOX 32

The young girl called the number and got the following pre-recorded recruitment message from the KKK, Fox 32 Chicago reported:

“Greetings, you have reached the loyal [inaudible] of the Ku Klux Klan. We just want to let you know how happy we are that that n—– Obama will be gone in a few days. Not only will white people rejoice, but Black people will too. Obama has put not only our country in debt but millions of Americans as well. Thank God Trump is going to take over and send the Mexicans back so the real Americans can have a chance at putting some food on the table and keeping the lights on once again. Finally, there will be more jobs available. One of many of America’s problems is solved. If you’re white and proud, join the crowd. White power!”

Howard reported the incident to Elm Middle School officials and the school launched an investigation. The school’s superintendent told Fox 32 that administrators will start questioning students and reviewing surveillance footage to find a possible culprit.

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