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KKK Attempts to Recruit at Clemson University, Claims They Are Non-Violent

A South Carolina chapter of the Ku Klux Klan sent out recruitment flyers to Clemson University students last Friday, Oct. 7.

In the following days, university police launched an investigation into who may have left the recruitment propaganda on student apartment doors. However, a local KKK chapter took responsibility.

According to WSPA, the flyers have appeared all over Oconee County. Reporters spoke to local KKK member Rob Locklear, who is responsible for recruitment calls. The exalted cyclops — another name for the leader of a local chapter — shamelessly says the chapter recruits where the most people are.

“By going out and distributing our literature we’re letting people know we are very much still relevant,” Locklear tells reporters. “We are very much still here.”

While Locklear acknowledges the KKK’s infamous and violent history, he insists that the new KKK does not condone violence. He adds that the present KKK is only for the separation of races.

“We’re simply hated because of what history has made us out to be.”

Clemson’s NAACP student chapter advisor Rosa Grayden has condemned the KKK’s efforts. She tells reporters that the group has no place on the university campus.

“The KKK wants to bring in such divisive ways when we’re trying to unite as Clemson University.”

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