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Shirley Caesar Thinks Kim Burrell Should Have Blasted Homosexuality When Obama ‘Made That Stuff All Right’

Grammy winner Shirley Caesar recently came to the defense of gospel singer Kim Burrell after the latter found herself in hot water over a sermon blasting homosexuals. However, Twitter users didn’t take kindly to Caesar’s support of Burrell and made their feelings known.

The brouhaha all started when a YouTube video was uploaded on Saturday, Dec. 30, showing Burrell giving a sermon in which she said anyone who engages in homosexual activities will die in 2017.

“I came to tell you about sin,” Burrell says in part. “That [sinful] nature. That perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women.”

Burrell also asserted that New Birth Missionary Church’s Bishop Eddie Long‘s thin frame was the result of AIDS. “I’ve never seen anything as heartbreaking as watching Bishop Eddie Long go down to nothing,” Burrell says. “It is an embarrassment to the church. ‘Cause nobody would be [saying] that you have AIDS unless a homosexual man didn’t come out and reveal what you did behind closed doors.”

Burrell later attempted to clarify her remarks on Facebook Live but never apologized for what she said.

Although many spoke out against the bigoted statements in the following week, including Burrell’s musical collaborator Pharrell Williams, Caesar stuck up for Burrell in a video posted Wednesday, Jan. 5.

“You should’ve said something four years ago when our President made that stuff all right,” Caesar said in the sermon clip.

In response, Twitter let Caesar have it.

@MJStarLover found the singer’s comments repugnant.

DKT saw the backlash coming and referenced Caesar’s viral #UNameItChallenge video.

@KINGontheThrone also noted the Internet hit and thought the preacher should have stuck to talking about food.

@savvyfatty tweeted about ongoing rumors about Caesar’s sexuality.

While user Black Gold disagreed with Caesar, he didn’t think the anger was justified given her position.

Yet Khalil believed the 78-year-old should not be excused for her statement.

On Burrell’s claim that Long has AIDS, singer Yolanda Adams responded by saying she “had to put these words in the atmosphere to combat the unwarranted and unproven attack on my friend #BishopLong.”

“Hateful words are never profitable to the cause of Christ in the world,” she added in part.

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